Sunday, 31 August 2008

Boob Job

Sorry, I stole this off another blog, and I can't remember where.
Or I'd credit it like a good blog-pirate should.
If I remember, I'll link it

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  1. well... i certainly understand her dilemma: is a one boob job ever enough? i mean, at least they could have given her two boobs for the price she paid for the first one ... and heaven knows how much the girly car paid for her multiples ......

    or ... for $59, you can go to Victoria's Secret and pick out your very own two breasted boob job: any color, any size, lace or not .... with panties to match !!!!

    trust me .... for $59, i finally understand how boobs feel after they've been 'talked to' all day by the male species. "We just wanted to go home, let our girlies down, and put on some comfy pajamas - no steel, no girding .... just nice, soft cotton. oh. and a cool, stiff breeze."

    i think my boyfriend agrees ...


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