Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wild Flowers in the field at Work. (today)

These last ones are the symbol of Yorkshire.
In the 15th century, the retinue of the Duke of York wore the white rose as a badge on going into battle against the forces of the house of Lancaster, led by Henry the VI.
The Lancastrians wore a red rose, the Yorkists wore the white. The war over which great family was to hold the crown of England lasted from 1455, to 1487... and is known in history as
"The War of the Roses".

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  1. I recognize the bright yellow buttercups peeking out in the first picture. I'm guessing the orangesh ones in the front are a type of Calendula?

    I suddenly feel the urge to sneeze.

  2. theysaywordscanbleed .............
    Thanks... I did not grow them myself... they just happen. The sad thing is that our labourer, Pete, is supposed to mow the field tomorrow.
    handmaiden.........Clutterbups indeed, they're the dominant flower in there really, apart from the damned grasses. Me too tschooo! Thank heavens for cetirizine, I say.
    Clovers and daisies and dandelions too. They might be calendulas... I suspect first commenter Arlene might know, given the Poulsbo Flowers link.
    Calendula Officialis:- It looks similar, but these are small, have a darker colour, and notably squared ends to the petals.


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