Friday, 13 June 2008

Firefox 3 not playing You-Tube Videos -Easy Fix!

30th june. This works, people.
And I'm not a geek, just an ordinary person. Stop looking for complex solutions, the problem is a simple one, the fix is simple too. you don't need any specialist knowledge, just read down, and in a few minutes you can have videos and music playing again.
This seems to be the most read post I ever did, and ooooh... several people happen by each day. Most don't bother to tell me if it worked, but some did, and
nobody* so far has told me it doesn't.
By the way... If you were looking for a techie blog... this isn't it. It's a... it's... oh I don't know.
It is what it is.
and that's all.

(* Since then, there's been some more feedback, and some failures, but still, the majority seem to be fixed.)
November 2010: Start here! First try disabling Adblock, if you have it, and reloading the page. Adblock is the answer for a lot of people, if you've blocked an ad which uses flash, you may have accidentally set a global rule which leads adblock to block all flash content, which, of course, includes you-tube. This has worked for a lot of people. If it doesn't work for you, read on.

Firefox 3 beta is proving to be the best browser I have yet tried. I don't use Internet Explorer, I've tried Safari and it's.. meh! okay i suppose. Firefox 1 kept tripping over its own toes, and Firefox 2 had a nasty tendency to use ever increasing lumps of memory until it crashed.

However, F3 had been displaying an annoying streak when it came to playing Youtube and other flash-based videos. it would start to load, play about three seconds, without sound... then freeze.

Sometimes re-starting F3 fixed it, sometimes a reboot fixed it. I tried removing all the plugins, in case it was a conflict. no help...
There were a lot of people foaming at the mouth over this problem, according to google, and a plethora (oooh plethora!) of unhelpful answers.

What seems to have worked is this. Go to:-
Download the flashplayer uninstaller, and uninstall flash.
Reboot and then download and install Flashplayer 10.0 beta.

April 7th 2009... Still lots of people coming here after googling Firefox/Youtube, It really is time for Firefox and Adobe Flash/Shockwave problems to be a thing of the past. This fix that works for me seems to work for the great majority of commenters, but not for all.
It's easy enough to try, and if it doesn't work, you've lost a few minutes, that's all.
Once again, I'm no expert, just a guy who spent a lot of hours muttering and cursing until I figured out a solution. The object of this post is to save some of you, hopefully most of you, the wasted time and seething frustration I suffered before finding a fix.
Comment, Dammit, let others know if it did or did not work for you.
(older):- Update..
I notice quite a few visitors coming by after googling for help on the firefox/youtube problem. Nobody so far has left any feedback. Help with problems is greatly improved by feedback. You googled it, but you don't know if my fix will work for you, only that I claim it worked for me... but of course, I might be lying, or the problem on my system might not be the same as yours. What you need is corroboration of my claim, in order to decide whether to try it. You need other people to say... "Wow! It worked, my videos are playing again." or "That Soubriquet is an idiot, this doesn't work."
If three people comment... well, we'll see if it's more likely, or less likely to be the answer.
If you want to help other people, and, incidentally, make the internet a better place by some tiny infinitesimal degree, then please, if you try this, come back, leave a comment as to whether it did, or did not work for you.
Commenting is free, doesn't hurt, and is actually quite easy to do.

July 30th 2009..

STOP PRESS! Flashplayer Ten is out of beta. (Note added 29th October 2008)


  1. I had this problem with FF3, and your recommended fix works. Thanks!

    1. Landed here in July 2012! Tried your fix, appreciate your help...but it didn't work! Still can't get anything on YouTube or play any video whatsoever on Firefox. Will have to keep looking...

    2. The post's still very popular despite the fact that Firefox 3 was a zillion years ago. Here in the future, which will shortly be the laughably primitive past, I'm using Firefox 15.

      My youtube problems were over long ago.

      All I can suggest to you, not knowing the details, is, try running firefox with all the add-ons disabled, if it works, you know it's an add-on problem. Re-enable them bit by bit until the problem recurs.

      p.s.:The Mower's Song

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  2. Laura, Thank you for your comment. My sitemeter shows a lot of people have that problem, and are coming to the blog. Out of hundreds, only you had the courtesy to leave feedback, thank you, and I can feel pleased that I've helped at least one person!

  3. Your suggestion worked for me too on FF3 final. Looks like upgrading from 2 messes up the flash plugin registration perhaps. Anyhow thanks for the effective tip.


  4. Thanks Andy, I wish it fixed the preview as well, i'd rather see a frame of the vid than a white box with an 'f', until i click it, but.. firefox 3 works okay.
    Still capable of hogging memory though.

  5. Thanks, that fixed my problem.

  6. Thanks! Worked like a charm!

  7. Video! Sweet! Thanks man, this was driving me crazy.

    It's weird though, I thought I already had 10 beta installed?

    Oh well, it works and that's all that matters.

    Appreciate it!

  8. Thanks, all for the feedback...
    Hundreds pass through, few leave any trace.
    Jen, it seems the firefox install damages the flashplayer, and it also seems just reinstalling the flashplayer without uninstalling is not enough.
    What's strange though, is that this seems to have been a problem with FF2 as well, for a lot of people, i never had that. Hovever, I'm finding some of my old embedded music clips from are playing soundlessly now. Damn.

  9. I had the same problem with FF3 final.
    After uninstalling I installed current version and now it's working fine. Therefore, it looks like going for version 10 may not be needed.

  10. Yep, Waldo, You're right, a re-install is all that's needed, but hey, I thought "lets go for the latest version"
    To be honest though, I just expect flashplayer to do its thing without me really needing to know much about it, differences between 10 and version 9?
    I can't really say. So long as things work, that's all I want to know.
    The player problem may not have been flash's fault, it might have been at goear's server, but I just patched new versions into the blog, they all seem to work now....for me, anyway. Unless someone tells me otherwise I'll assume all is well.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  11. Apologies, forget what I said, Finalyy I had to go for V10 of Flasplayer

  12. Hi thanks for your advice. when i first downloaded ff3 everything was workn fine then the problem with flash happened, took ur advice and uninstalled it using adobe's uninstaller and just reinstalled old version again
    Cheers Much

  13. Fixed it for me to. Thanks

  14. Thanks. Worked like a charm.

  15. I haven't had a chance to try it out long term, but seems to work for me. Thanks.

    Also Not sure if I missed the link for the firefox version of the download but the program I downloaded from the page you linked only installed it on IE. I got the non IE version of the beta here

  16. Thanks, everyone. nnop raises an interesting point re non-ie versions of flashplayer.
    All I can say is I've yet to find someone whose problem is NOT fixed by the one I linked.

    Ah. A bit of dibbling in Adobe's site informs me that the versions nnop refers to are basically Windows, and Non-windows (i.e. Linux, mac etc. (and relate more to plugin uninstallers in the chosen browsers)

    but Filehippo's a good source too.
    Any difference between Firefox and I.E. is, I think, irrelevant in this version.
    It works.
    That's all you need to know.

  17. Hey just wanted to let you know your fix works for me....thanks a million.

  18. It didn't work for me. It's saying that version 10 is only for internet explorer...tried uninstalling then installing 9 for firefox and still doesn't work.

  19. Okay, nevermind, got it working. I was the anonymous post above.

  20. Anonymous, did you see the earlier comment from Nnops?
    Nnops' solution might help you, worth a try, here again..

    Thanks for the feedback, now I know there are some cases where it doesn't work.

  21. Ah... We crossed in the comments there...

  22. Running FF 3.0.1 and I found that I fixed the problem by doing

    Tools->AddOns and clicking on the plugins tab, then clicking on the disable button and enable button for Shockwave Flash.

  23. Thank you. I did this today and the problem is solved.

  24. Running FF 3.0.1
    Reinstalling Flash fixed the problem for me.

  25. works fine with me. my firefox is not beta though. :) thanks a lot!

  26. Anon, thanks, I've taken beta out of the title, because although this first showed in beta, it continued into the full release stages.
    It's heartening to know that I've helped a few people. Might never be as helpful again!

  27. Unfortunately this doesn't fix my issue. It's only been happening since the weekend but is starting to frustrate the heck out of me. On YouTube either the video will start loading and then load forever or just give me a white box where the video should be. Very frustrating. Only happens in Firefox, and only on YouTube.

  28. Well... copying NPSWF32.dll to my Firefox extension folder fixed the white non-loading videos but the ever-loading ones still don't work.

  29. Thochaos: the white box was a prob I had too... In my case, I think it was down to me forgetting I'd downloaded a flashblocker app for Firefox, it all still worked in ie tab. very frustrating.

    Copying the .dll -I'd never have thought of that.
    Thanks for the comments, they may help someone else.

  30. didn't work at all for me.

  31. Worked for me, thanks.

  32. worked! thanks!

  33. The problem with Flash player beta 10 is 100s of sites don't recognize it and you can;t watch squat, like on

  34. Why would you want to watch squat?

    Not my thing at all...

    Okay. sense of humour is not quite right, I know. often inappropriate.

    I used flash beta 10, then reverted to the 9 series as it is more stable. The point of this article was not to proselytise the beta release, more to say that the solution to the firefox issue is simply to uninstall and re-install.
    In most cases that works 100%. But the uninstaller from Adobe's beta 10 download page seems to make a better job of clearing all the old junk than a simple windows uninstall.

    (For uninstalling any other program, I would recommend Revo Uninstaller, free from
    It does a great job of cleaning up all those registry entries and othe junk most uninstallers miss.)

    Don't blame Adobe, it's the flaws in Firefox 3 that are the source of the problem. They'll get ironed out eventually.

  35. Tried with Flash 10 went back to 9. Doesn't work with any. Direct video works, embedded in YouTube page doesn't.

  36. yep....
    something's badly wrong and the problem keeps recurring.
    Isn't it time for the mozilla team to issue a statement about this.... like yes, firefox3 was a record download... but it's not quite ready to be out of beta if so many people are having trouble with extremely common website content.
    or how about a fix patch?
    i still keep having to fix it.. the problem keeps coming back., just disabling and re-enabling flash in plug-ins usually does it.

  37. Worked !!
    What a mess this F3 did uh

  38. worked. thank you.

  39. I have tried this several times and it works for a day or so. It works in Opera just now. I have some version 6 dlls of Flash that no longer have an Adobe uninstall. Some of them come with service packs. I should reboot. The Beta of Chrome seems to hang.

  40. Worked for me. As fixes go this wasn't too bad. If I have to do it every few days, then . . . Thanks for the help.

  41. Worked for me! Here's hoping this is a permanent fix as it's been very frustrating. Thanks for the info.

  42. Found you by accident looking for info about this same problem. Tried it and voila! Now I can watch videos again. :-)

    Thanks so much.

  43. Thank you so much! I'd already spent an hour or so on this, uninstalling and installing different Flash versions, and your fix is the one that did it -- I hadn't rebooted between uninstall and install before. I really appreciate your help. Your blog is great, too! And I agree with other users: Mozilla really should have come up with a quick fix for this -- couldn't find anything too useful in their help section.

  44. Awesome thread! Thank you for the blog. I upgraded to Firefox 3 and found my YouTube videos wouldn't play after a few seconds. I initially found the recommendation elsewhere to uninstall Flash Player 9 and install Flash Player 10 Beta. This seemed to work, but also broke certain features of 9 that I don't want to give up, so reverted back to FP 9. Restart with FF 3 and FP 9 usually fixed the YouTube problem, but with experimentation, found that the culpret for me was MySpace pages with Flash content. The MySpace pages failed to play Flash audio files. At that point, YouTube files also failed to play. So, the suggestion to "Clear Cache" in Firefox seems to work, as an interim solution until we see a true Firefox 3 fix. At least now I know how to get YouTube videos to play without upgrading to FP 10. Cheers.

  45. THAT'S what's hogging all my memory? Firefox 3?? My gosh.

    Thanks for your help!

  46. So if I understand correctly, uninstalling and reinstalling is only a temporary fix, which means that one may as well just reboot then because that also works. Not so?

    Time for another update up top maybe?

    Good info either way.. cheers.

  47. Looks to have fixed my problem... Thanks!

  48. Thank you, so helped a lot.....

  49. worked like a charm, thanks for the info

  50. Worked like a charm; thank you.

  51. This didn't work for me. My browser won't play any flash videos, from youtube or anywhere else. I just get an empty area where the video should be. Unfortunately, I'm running Vista Business 64-bit with Minefield (Firefox 64-bit) 3.1a2pre. The strange thing is that installing Flash 10 from Adobe's site gives me Flash Any tips?

  52. Nickname Unavailable, That's a bit strange, I got Shockwave Flash 10.0 r12 from Adobe's site, and that's the one that works, 9.0 is to be avoided like a plague of boils.

    Stop press!:
    Adobe Flash Player version
    Windows | 1.8MB
    Browser: Firefox, Safari, Opera

    10.0 is now out of Beta, suggest you try again. Don't forget to use the Adobe Uninstaller to remove all previous traces. This seems to be crucial.

    For me, this has been a permanent fix, no more problems at all, it seems most commenters have found it to work, but not all.
    Thank you everybody for the feedback.
    In my mind, this is the better bit of the web, where people come together and help each other, with no thought of gain.
    P.S. Mr Adobe? Wanna bribe me to say nice things only?.... Well, no, it seems not. Flashplayer is the only horse in town anyway. Sigh.

  53. Yahoo! Videos again! thanks for your post!

  54. Thanks for the post! it worked perfectly!

  55. thanks for this. i couldn't get the yahoo start page to load.

  56. Firefox 3.0.4 and Shockwave Flash 10.0 r12 and still not working! Just a blank space on YouTube.

  57. Calm: Did you fully uninstall the previous iteration of flash?
    Adobe themselves seem to think they've got it fixed, blame usb audio devices or multiple pages with flash content.
    If the uninstall, reboot, new install, reboot doesn't work, there is, allegedly, a greasemonkey script that some folk say fixes it, ans improves youtube performance.
    I haven't tried it, though I might as it includes a tube downloader.
    Adblocker sometimes gives problems on youtube....
    If you try it, and get a result, please let me know, it might help someone else.

  58. Thanks!! Worked a treat!

  59. Thanks, this worked. I had previously been uninstalling via add/remove programs, I hadn't relized you needed to download a specialist uninstaller!

  60. jacqueline fabius16 December 2008 at 05:36

    This did not work for me unfortunately!

  61. I used the Windows Control panel Add/Remove section to remove Flash then reloaded Adobe Flash 10 and it worked..Thanks for the tip

  62. I've tried everything here and none of it has worked. :(

  63. A related problem I'm having, that the combination of firefox3 and youtube videos embedded in a blogspot blog totally uses up my CPU-- just sitting there embedded mind you, not even playing-- seems to be greatly improved (not cured) by the "just disabling and re-enabling flash in plug-ins usually does it" trick. Thank you.

    The problem first arose when youtube changed its code and put that stupid search bar on the embedded videos. Suppressing the search bar didn't seem to fix it. It was making me insane to be jammed up by my own blog, and I was hesitating to use embedded youtube videos any more. The fix doesn't stick, I have to keep doing it, but CPU usage seems to improve if I do the disable/enable.

  64. antique doorknob30 January 2009 at 15:16

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  65. Anonymous, Thank you for your words, I hope you find plenty of things of interest in here.

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    And your spam is deleted. Begone, stinkpit.

  67. Pity more people can't just say thanks. Great, simple effective tip. Thanks for your help!


  68. Thank You , Aindreas, glad to be of assistance, All comments are gratefully recieved, even the ones that report a non-fix.
    All, that is, but the spammers. Curse their twisted little hearts.

  69. Was looking for solution to a different firefox/youtube video related problem (the lower right of the video keeps jumping up to meet the upper left of the video, making it unwatchable) but thought it best to post anyway. :)

  70. Nothing has helped with my problem - sometimes the problem is the image jumping as described above, and sometimes it is no image at all.

    Sound works fine.

    We are inundating your blog because everyone else, Mozilla included, is ignoring the problem while people are scraping and scratching for a solution!

    Yes, I have the latest flash pulg-in installed.

  71. Didn't work for me. I uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled twice. Still the same problem. The movie doesn't load. Right-click on the empty space where the flash should be gives a greyed out "Movie not loaded" and a clickable "About Adobe Flash Player 10 .."
    I have Firefox 3.0.7, MacOS X 10.5.6.

  72. I have the same problem: white window instead of an embedded youtube. NOthing works...:(

  73. I got the same problem mentioned above with the image jumping. Uninstalling, reinstalling rebooting, farting, drinking a case of beer.... nothing has worked for me either.

    And yes, I got here from a Google search. If anybody comes up with a solution, please post it.

  74. well, you know what worked.... the Image Like Opera add-on, which I guess is basically like AdBlock. (?) It's weird looking at a bunch of place holders but the videos play and it's faster loading coz I'm working from wi-fi.

    So there you go.

  75. well... what if I told you that my Firefox 3 plays all Youtube videos without problem BUT only embedded on websites other than when I visit and click on any video, I get a black frame and no movie at all..
    and to make it even spookier, same thing happens on 2 different computers!!
    any bright ideas???

  76. finally found the culprit in my specific case... it was the Greasemonkey extention called "YouTube HQ + 720p" which is for playing youtube videos in hi-quality.. I updated this extention at and youtube now works fine..

  77. Demxod8, I'm impressed... never thought of that, I mean, I tried uninstalling, reinstalling rebooting, farting, drinking a case of beer, too, I never got as far as trying to fool firefox into thinking it was opera though. That's another fix that may help future seekers. Here we are, ten months after I first ran into that damn problem, and there's a sudden boost in visitors to this post, showing that the problem is not fixed at source yet. There are multiple causes, multiple answers, but please, code people, plese try fix it. My computers seem to be immune now, but why is it popping up on so many others?

  78. Anonymous!
    You fixed it whilst I was trying to think of an answer. That's a good thing, as I couldn't think of any reason why they'd play embedded but not on youtube's page....
    Thanks for posting the solution.

  79. Thanks so much Soubriquet. This solution worked perfectly, and I really appreciate it that you took the time to publish this solution. One sidenote: you might caution your readers that there are two choices for the download of the Flash Player 10. The first choice at Adobe is for the Internet Explorer version. They will want to install the SECOND choice which is for FireFox. Cheers, and thanks again! karen

  80. For those with the video freezing and jerking between half and full size like this:

    This is due to problem with some kind of incompatability with the newer youtube wide-screen format and older machines (like my Dell Pent.II 450 mhz - yes it still serves me fine, thank you.)

    The fix, for now, is less than optimal, but by adding &fmt=18 or if that doesn't work, &fmt=6 to the video's URL (then reloading) it fixes the "jerk".

    A better fix may not be forthcomng since what they really want is for us to give them our money for mew machines and pollute the planet with the lead-laden old ones her in the non-RoHS compliant USA.

  81. I just get a black rectangle in place of the youtube video, nothing loads, nothing happens. I tried the unistalling/reinstalling Flashplayer thing and nothing changed. Thanks for your suggestions blogmaster but for me it is not working.


  82. The fix didnt work for me. Did exactly as instructed. Uninstalled. Restarted. Reinstalled. Still getting the same problems with youtube.


  83. Oh ya, I'm running Vista if that changes anything.


  84. *Sigh* Didn't work.

  85. I give up.
    Firefox/mozilla devs seem not to be keen on solving this, Adobe, knowing that Firefox is no longer just a browser for geeks, seem not to be adressing the problem, and me?
    I'm just a potter and a plumber. what do I know?
    I fixed my problems in june 2008. Now it's the end of july 2009, and guess what? Firefox three is no longer a beta, its obsolete! Here's firefox 3.5.1
    And guess what again? Yep.
    I've suddenly got little blank squares where you tube videos should be.
    If I roll back to flash 6, it works.
    Come on Mozilla, Wake up Adobe!
    Fix the F@@@@ing thing!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Thank You! Thank You! It work like a champ, great blog......Death to spammers everywhere

  87. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much.............

  88. Your fix for the Youtube flv problem worked perfectly. Yay, you!

  89. Thank you all, commenters, still a lot of visitors every day coming from search queries about firefox not playing video.
    One year and five months since this post.
    Wouldn't it be nice if things just worked as they are advertised to do?

    I still use firefox, I don't like internet explorer, and Safari and Google Chrome don't suit me, but...............
    Maybe the curse of Firefox is its very customisability. because we don't all have the same symptoms, nor do the same fixes always work.
    Mine's working fine these days, by the way, not had to tweak it for months.

    As before, if you come, and try my suggested fix, please leave a comment, to help others.

  90. Worked for me! Tks soooo much, I was freaking out cuz I've a site of videos and thought it was a hack!

  91. Hey it didt work 4 me and i did exactly wat u said

  92. It worked for me, I've been browsing youtube videos on google chrome for months, thanks a lot!!!

  93. thanks...disabling adblock plus did it for me...

  94. Hey guy...... a big thanks from me.
    I thought I was going to have to use IE for the rest of my life. Yikes!!!!
    Why does Adobe or YouTube allow these bugs to go on and on.

    Anyway thanks a million from one of the nameless faces you have helped.

    You may now go straight to heaven when you die.


  95. شكراً جزيلاً لك

  96. I nearly marked that last comment as spam, simply because I couldn't read it.
    And then I was ashamed of myself, because, of course, google has translation tools, and I see in fact that Anon says "Thank you very much"
    So I'd like to apologise.
    Thank you for the comment, and I hope the post was helpful to you.

    I really do appreciate every comment, every piece of feedback.


  98. wow!

    on a day when, to be honest, I'd not contributed anything much to the advancement of humankind... i get home to see such a positive comment.

    if you become a fan of this blog, glnb, i'll warn you that the fixing firefox post is actually not typical. most or almost all of my blog has nothing to do with fixing computers!

    Anyway, your comment gave me a smile on a cold wintery day!

  99. Thanks for the tips!! :-)

    Mine turned out to be an easy fix - just uninstall and re-install twice and it works again.

    Thanks again :-).

  100. I googled adobe flash player& the top link was "install a different kind of adobe flash player". After uninstalling the old one, clicked the above link Installed it & fixed my problem. I like Fire Fox 3, it doesn't keep "stop working" like internet explorer & doesn't require all the safety patches & up dates. Most have enough ram now it doesn't matter if it hogs memory. Thanks for your tip. barry.t

  101. Well, I got here after installing flash 10.2 plugin for mozilla (Windows 7 x64) and discovering that youtube videos no longer played in Firefox. Flash objects/videos on other sites were working fine; only YouTube had the problem (no video, just sound, and the play/pause/slider controls were corrupted).

    Solution was to disable Hardware Acceleration in the Settings menu. You can right-click on an embedded Flash object to access the menu. On YouTube the Settings menu item was greyed out, so I went to a site where Flash videos were working OK and got in from there.

  102. I uninstalled FlashPlayer and reinstalled as you made note of in earlier posts, worked fantastic after I rebooted. BTW yours is the best site on the web to fix this problem. Thanks so much for helping !! KennyG

  103. Thanks KennyG

    Obviously, there's been a change in firefox or flashplayer, because recently there's been a big rise in the numbers visiting this post. I've no idea what percentage find a fix, because most don't comment.

    Thanks for your comment, which shows it's still working, and for the kind words!

  104. Thank You!!!!
    I had tried everything and nothing worked
    re-installing worked
    Thank You!!!

  105. Solution was to disable Hardware Acceleration in the Settings menu. You can right-click on an embedded Flash object to access the menu. On YouTube the Settings menu item was greyed out, so I went to a site where Flash videos were working OK and got in from there. Adam Cole gave this solution above. I am just verifying his solution.

  106. Disabling the Adblock works run youtube videos. thanks...

  107. Better Yet,
    at least with Firefox;
    Under Tools, Adblock Plus, Filter Preferences, remove the check mark from .swf files(Flash files) and then change tabs to see if YouTube works/ If not, go back, fix that one and use trial & error. Worked for me.

    Also uninstalled Yontoo Layers using Firefox, under Tools, Add-Ons. This is what it said on the Yontoo site:
    Uninstall from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome (PC): Go to the Windows Start Menu and then to Control Panel > Add/Remove ("Programs & Features" in Vista/Windows 7) and click "Remove" next to 'Yontoo'.

    Uninstall from Firefox or Google Chrome (Mac): In the top menu, go to Tools > Add-ons. Select the Yontoo logo and then click Uninstall.

  108. cruzcat: That second part presupposes that you've been unwise enough to install yontoo, of course.

    Adblock, quite simply, is indispensable to me, but yontoo?
    Nope. I can't see why anybody'd feel the need for it in the first place.

  109. I disabled adblock, now i can watch youtube vids again. Thanks very much!

  110. Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.
    flash to html5 converter

  111. I disabled ad block and all seems to be working fine.
    I was struggling with this for quite sometime,.
    May be I disabled flash content on some other website with a global rule which led to this problem.

    You made my day, Thank you very much, from India.

    "soubriquet" you rock !!!
    God Bless.

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  113. 'Alex Walker', though I doubt that's your real name, spreading spam is a despicable thing to do. And spam on this site rarely survives for long. Please do not return.


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