Friday, 13 June 2008

By the Way...

I deleted a post. Nobody noticed.

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  1. i noticed. i noticed because i was looking for some cheese - just a wee small chunk ..... and so i began reading about the steampunks, hoping that it would lead me to ..... well, CHEESE!

    and frankly, I got lost .... it seemed such a long way to go just for a bit of satisfaction. And as soon as I had that thought - pffft!! Gone. Steampunks and dreams of cheese.

    So then I jumped when I saw It All Started Over at Dave Mows Grass ... !! And I thought to myself , "Yes!!!" a real bash-em up, bang-em up bad guy vs. donkeydom - well surely if I offered my services as a go between or even as a ......secret mousy spy .... i could receive even MORE cheese than I had ever DREAMED !!!!

    BUT NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! that story was deleted as well ..... sigh. Easy come, easy go .....

    some one took pity on my plight and whispered in my ear: "Dear A Non Mouse, don't you know - the second mouse always gets the cheese ...."

    Anyone out there looking for a position as First Mouse ???? pays well ....

  2. The deletetion was a fingerglitch in bloggerpublishing.
    The deletetetetion of the DMG piece....that is.

    The Steampunkery.
    Well it was a very good steampunk story, not by me, published in 1912 by a man long dead...
    Then i discovered it elsewhere on the innertent, and decided not to tread on that other fansite's toes.
    And besides, it was attracting riff-raff, balloon pilots, paddleboat dilettantes, who were out to steal my brass door-knobs, and my Thripp-Mobberley Discombusticator, (which is aeons before its time; as well it should be, I'll be stealing it, some six hundred years hence, once I've figured out how to use it to build a relative-time floddipule, with which to energise my dislocutor).

    First mouse. Yep. Like the early worm that gets the bird.

  3. phewwwwww ........

    i'm really happy i was not reincarnated as an early worm ....


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