Friday, 2 May 2008

Corkscrewing With Style and Panache:- Zil Offroad Vehicle and Vityaz Tracked Articulated Juggernaut

I wonder if anyone out there can tell me more? I know it's a Zil, from Russia. Zil made some pretty amazing things over the years.

The vast area of Russia, the terrain, the weather, all pose special problems. Roads that could not be relied on all year round, snow and ice, boggy tundra, the country needed solutions. And those ranged from huge multi-axled trucks, to tracked vehicles... to this: screw propulsion. all I can find elsewhere on the web is information and pictures of a smaller vehicle, a prototype.
so this one, pictured above, was it ever put into production?

This one isn't a Zil, it's a Vityaz.
"«Machine-building Company «Vityaz» is one of the most modern machine-building enterprises in Bashkortostan."

This one's a seismic survey vehicle, for surveying, for example, proposed oil pipeline, or railway routes.

Passenger transport.

For carrying... Um... Big things.

If you want to buy one, go here.
I suspect they're out of my price bracket.

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