Monday, 28 April 2008

Röyksopp -Poor Leno


  1. That was prob. one of the weirdest things I've seen. At first glance it makes no sense at all.

    I'll be back.

  2. How sad--that I don't know how to put those two dots above the o in Royksopp.

  3. ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖööööööööööööööö!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ðävë ۞ Møŵş ۞ Ğŕåšŝ :- Don't you have a Norwegian Keyboard?
    Here's how I do it. (Unless I just cheat, google the name in english, and then cut and paste)
    -In XP, go to 'start', all programs, accessories, system tools, character map.
    "Character Map overview
    You can use Character Map to view the characters that are available in a selected font. Character Map displays the following character sets: Windows, DOS, and Unicode.

    You can copy individual characters or a group of characters to the Clipboard and paste them into any program that can display them. Or, depending on the program you are using (such as WordPad), you can even copy characters by dragging them from Character Map directly into an open document".

  5. Handmaiden? Are you serious?
    I loved it.
    Poor Leno!
    Leno is a creature, recognisably humanoid, on display, in a concrete cell, in the small mammals house,in the zoo.

    Leno:Endangered species.
    Place of Origin: Kilpisjärvi
    Habitat: Alpine Regions
    Diet: Cold Porridge
    Extra Info: Lenos usually cohabit in pairs.

    Poor Leno.. scratches pictures of his arctic home on the walls, clangs his tin cup in protest, is fed slop in a bowl on the floor like an animal. Writes a silent plea for help in the steam of his breath, on the inside of the viewing window. dreams of home, mountains and clean snowy forests. whilst in his concrete cell. He recalls the fleeing tumbling race to try escape the helicopter, the capture.
    Losing his home, his land, his love.

    Poor Leno
    Where you'll be, I'll go
    Where you'll be, I'll know
    Where you'll be, I'll find you...

    His mate is searching.... Will she free him?
    Will she be trapped too?
    We'll never know.

    Kilpisjärvi is a place, near to it, the Finnish/Swedish/Norwegian borders meet.
    69° 3′ 36″ N, 20° 32′ 56″ E

  6. Same thing happened to poor Minik,The Lost Eskimo, sent back to NYC from one of the futile Peary Expeditions...

  7. Oh I get it now. :)

    That is really a very cute video. I'll have to google Poor Leno.

  8. Steve! I'd mever heard of Minik;
    what a sad story, poor Minik, cheated by those he was told were his friends and protectors. Some parallels with the story of Pocahontas, too, travelling to England and being presented as a curiousity.
    Darwin's first voyage too brought native peoples from Tierra Del Fuego to London, where again they were seen as not quite human.

    Handmaiden: Visit you local zoo. free a leno.

  9. r

    I forgot it. your, not you.


  10. come to think of it poor Leno reminds me of some of those odd people that call themselves Furries.

  11. Just found another..
    Leno. Minik.
    Ota Benga.


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