Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Happy Christmas, to One and All

By the way. This blog came into existence on the 26th december a year ago. Is it time to quit?
I'm not any more sure of what it's about now than I was on day one.


  1. Love the 'pure' look of that roof!

    I hope that your Christmas was/is a happy one and that 2008 brings you much joy and many adventures.

  2. Thanks Lee, I just visited your blog and see that for you the hottest part of summer is approaching, and you have a glut of ripening apricots. A bonza christmas to you too.
    And I like your stained glasswork!
    Meanwhile I've just come home through freezing rain and big wet snowflakes.
    Seems bizarre.
    I used to live in a log cabin a bit like that one, by the way.
    I estimate the snow load on that roof to be 1.5 metres in depth, which in Finland might typically indicate a load of 300 kilos (660 pounds) per square metre. -For the non metric, a metre is approx 39 inches.
    visualise it as an oversized square yard and you'll be close enough.


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