Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Hearing Impaired like a Constipated Owl

Jodee Berry, of Panama City, Florida, U.S.A., was a waitress at Hooters.
As part of a sales promotion, in April... The waitresses were told the one who sold most beer would win a new Toyota.
Or that's what she thought she heard.
Jodee won, and was led blindfold to the parking lot, and told she could take the blindfold off, and see her prize.... This. A new toy Yoda.
The manager was crying tears of mirth.
Not the winning waitress.
She sued the company, who settled out of court, after realising they were going to lose. The settlement?A sum of money, sufficient for her to go into a Toyota Dealership and choose any car she wanted.....
No news on whether she kept her old toy Yoda.

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  1. That toy Yoda looks hella cool - what's she moaning about?

  2. Yodalay-ee- yodalayii -yodaa-lohhhhh!!!!!


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