Friday, 27 July 2007

Ship's Navigator Seeks Career Change

You're supposed to go around the lighthouse, -give it plenty of clearance.
Wrong side.

Addendum: This happened on June 8th 2007, off the port of Newcastle, Australia.
The worst storms in living memory hit the area, on land nine people lost their lives.
Pasha Bulker, a coal carrier, was awaiting its turn to load in the port, along with fifty or so ships offshore. The grounding on the reef off Nobby's Beach was not navigational error, it seems, more the overwhelming forces of nature. The coastguard had sent out a call to the waiting ships make way further out to sea.
Pasha Bulker, in ballast, high sided and presenting a huge sail area to the sixty mile per hour+ winds, failed to heed that warning and was unable to hold position.
After 25 days she was hauled off the reef, and towed to harbour, two giant staples stitching a crack in her hull. The official report has not yet been published.
More pics HERE

This is NOT the Pasha Bulker, but it's a guide to the sort of weather a ship like that encounters.


  1. umm....i believe the ship's navigator just needs some shore leave time ....

    You see i have it from a reliable authority, that along the beach edges (in front of the building - a girls school perhaps ??) stand a bevy of buxom bosomed bikini'd blonde babes bobbing their umm balloons and smiling beguilingly as they bewitch the bashful sailors beholding such beauteous bodies (and backsides.)

    Said authority stated that it was an all hands on deck call .... even the ship's captain was bug-eyed and besotted at the rail. In response, the brazen beauties tossed lacy brassieres as souvenirs to the beleaguered crew who, by now, were suffering collectively beneath their trousers a severe case of blue ummm .... (blushing, me) .... balls.

    A local bystander explains that this is biannual event bringing tourists and bountiful benefits to their bucolic hamlet.

    this is just what i heard ...

  2. Blustery breezes batter at our bedraggled behemoth. Below we sight the bouncy bosoms of buxom barmaids. Boldly they brandish their burnished bristols.
    On the bridge the binnacle's buzzing.
    "Both astern, Bosun!", cries our Captain, "Besmirch my Badgers! Those bouncy bobblers are bona fide bandits! Belay the bullion, gather up the gangplank, cold-shower the crew, clear the........Aaaah! cries he, his voice tailing off, gazing ashore, focussing on- ... Stop engines, bosun,.. drop anchor, ready my boat,.. I may be gone some time...."

  3. ahh now matey ..... if you had mentioned the storm, i would have amended the buxom bosomed beauties attire: bikinis UNDERNEATH their black neoprene bodysuits......

    otherwise, i still stand by my account as witnessed by a true and reliable source ....

  4. I bet the Bi-stander was a lesbian, trying to lure a crew in and make them their slaves, like those Amazon women did to ol' Homer a long time ago.

    Didn't that happen to the "Bounty"?
    Ran across beautiful native girls and breadfruit and never left...

    Why did they not heed the warning?
    Bad move.

  5. Ah, Steve, the woman who enslaved Homer had blue hair and lured him with doughnuts...
    Besides, the town looks okay, good surf beaches....


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