Wednesday, 26 November 2014



  1. OH I LOVE that picture :) Reminds me of this book cover from my youth

  2. I say old bean, jolly good what?

  3. Sorry...I can't stop by....I'm due for tea!

  4. What the hamster happened to my picture? Oh. Well yes, some skulduggery, certainly. I admit I had not attributed it, but somehow it turned into an odd symbol. there may be another reason, but I'm guessing someone thought it was a copyright violation. Well, listen, numbnut, when you release a picture into the ocean of the internet, it'll probably be copied.
    Get used to it, the future is now.
    If you'd contacted me via a comment I would have voluntarily removed it, as it is, I've no idea how, why, or whether you had a gripe with me. I'm tempted to repost it to see what happens, but really? No, I can't be bothered.


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