Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shoulder Surgery.

Cutting chopping and dicing set for tomorrow, Friday 29th August.
I'm so looking forward to it. The nurse told me not to expect to be able to sleep in a bed for some time... And told me the aftermath is notoriously painful. I replied that I have a good vocabulary of swear-words at the ready.
I also have a lot of books. At least half a week's worth.
After that Amazon gets my money or I watch all those rubbish movies I never got around to before.

And I confess I've been wasting time on Facebook, it has its uses,  but I hate to tell some of the people who pop up and try to friend me, that if we've not been in touch for years, I'm probably not going to want to see every little update....

Once, about twenty years ago I broke my left arm just below the shoulder. It was in a cast for a couple of months, set with a 90 degree elbow position. Never having bust a limb before, I glibly thought that the day the cast came off, life would resume as normal. What an idiot. The cast came off and I gazed at an arm so hairy I thought I was becoming a gorilla, and then... nothing. Elbow stayed at 90 degrees. Stuck there. Muscles disappeared tendons shrunk... No amount of force would straighten it out. And there was a bend where the bone was set.  Took another two months before it was moderately normal again.

Now I'm going to have to learn to live left handed.  It should keep me from boredom, but. Anyway, it's a minor problem compared to some, that others face. I'll try not to moan too much.

My blogreaders will barely notice the difference. I do mean to post stuff. just left handedly.


  1. Well, in that case, I'll keep reading from left to right...and all should be okay, Soub. :)

    All the best with your op...and I hope you're back with us again soon...this time do as instructed to speed up the recovery process. Take care. :)

  2. !!!!!!!!! What a way to have a vacation, best wishes for your recovery!

  3. Good to see its being sorted....The Pirate has two bad shoulders, one where the collarbone went through the shoulderblade...five years ago.....glad you're being brave!!

  4. replying not easy cant use right hand.
    thank you
    l wife
    they were right abiout the pain but i'm heavily medicated.

    Most heartfelt thanks go to my wonderful wife.

  5. The true measure of a man happens when he's drugged out of his mind and experiencing tremendous pain. You are as sweet and loving as you are when you are in your right mind :) No thanks needed. I'm the lucky one. Just get well soon.


  6. You poor man! How dreadful to live like this for a while.
    Still with the wife doing everything it will not be too bad.
    The physio afterwards might be however!
    Hope it went well.

  7. Hope you are doing well. Do your PT at home. The hardest part for me was when I would open the fridge door, and have my hand on the door as I leaned in to get something, and man, would it really BITE me!


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