Saturday, 21 June 2014

I Preferred The Older Minute.

 If you're not British, you'll probably be better advised not to bother reading this post. Just as I often don't get the references my american blogger friends make to things have been  part of everyday life in the U.S.,  you probably will frown and think it's not funny at all.

On my sidebar, there's a link to Adullamite's blog. Recently he was bemoaning the decay of the BBC Radio panel-game, "Just a Minute".
The idea is simple. A panel of four guests  are challenged to speak for 'just a minute' on some diverse subject, without 'Hesitation, Repetition, or Deviation'. It's harder than you might think. Back in the days when I regularly listened, regulars panellists were Clement Freud, Derek Nimmo, Kenneth Williams.
Current ones, Paul Merton, Julian Clary....
I listen occasionally via the BBC's web app.

And I agree with Adullamite, I think the current crop of contributors are sadly lacking,  and would be pulverised if they were to play against their predecessors.

Here's a little vintage British radio:


  1. I sometimes listen to this program in my car (it's funny and it improves my English). Peter Cook was a very talented comedian indeed.

    1. He was, that's true. I really like to see the old shows he did with Dudley Moore. They had a series called 'Not Only, But Also".

      I suspect your english is already better than that of many english people.

  2. Have you found Hioustons Public Radio Station yet? You might like "Wait Wait Dont tell me"

    1. I haven't heard that show but i do listen to Houston's NPR, when I'm not listening to Houston's classic rock station, The Eagle....
      The Eagle, unfortunately, has a really small playlist, sometimes it sounds like an eight-track on repeat.

  3. I used to love Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. They were so funny; so clever.


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