Monday, 14 April 2014

And So

Here in the U.S., it's tax-filing time. I'm blissfully ignorant, of course, as to the fineries, as she who is awesome did it all.
I remain in the endless limbo of being a legal alien. I was given the right to enter the United  States, in order to marry a U.S. citizen, within 90 days of my arrival, or leave again.
We married ten days after my feet touched the ground, at which point, or within the ninety days, the holder of a K-1 visa then must file for 'Adjustment of Status'.
In the period in which the adjustment is being processed, I have no automatic right of residence, no legal status, I can't vote, nor can I claim upon any of the rights of a citizen.
If I were to exit the U.S., for a holiday or any other reason, I would be refused re-entry. I couldn't enter on a tourist visa, nor a business visa....
I could get a 'letter of advanced parole', which in theory would persuade the guy on the desk to let me in, but it's not a guarantee.
Meanwhile, six months after I arrived, I'm not strictly speaking, a resident, nor am I a non-resident. I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien.

I'm not allowed to work, nor to earn money.
I have a Social Security number, but that's merely because all manner of activities, such as accessing my money in the bank, require it.
But it confers no security, social or otherwise. Should anything happen to me, then my wife is fully responsible. The Social Security administration would simply yawn, and look away.

Uncle Sam has the gall to demand taxes from me.

I earned $1.14 cents, on my bank balances, and I have just been taxed 29 cents on my earnings.

This is not my first, only, or greatest payment to the United States Government, we've paid up large lumps every time another form has to be filled in, but this is my first contribution in income tax.

The next time I see any sort of federal employee in uniform, I'll look closely at one of their buttons, and muse to myself.  "I might have bought that very button for the United States Of America!"

Or the flag being hoisted over the capitol..... No. Not the whole toggle, but maybe  a little of the varnish on the toggle on the up-haul rope, maybe I bought that.

Cue National Anthem.


  1. What a lot of red tape hogwash! Ridiculous! But who are we mere mortals to questions the ways of the bureaucracy?

    By the way, have your feet really hit the ground yet? :)

  2. You better not anger the wife by the sounds of things!

  3. The wife has complete control over you!
    No change there....

  4. brilliant writing!! and the Best of.....Luck!!

    1. Thank you, and all the best to you both.

  5. I'm not a fan of bureaucracy though, since I indirectly work for the government and have for the past 25 years, I've certainly seen my share of it. But the bureaucracy associated with immigration is mind-boggling. Good for you running the gauntlet.

    1. When in Texas....
      Complaining about the gummint is a required activity I think.
      In fact, I'm sure most of Texas sees itself as Texan first, American second.
      I did wonder whether buying a big ol' truck, cowboy boots, and a big hat might boost my acceptance. But then, around here, big ol' truck, cowboy boots and a big hat are as likely to mark me out as a Meskin...
      I'm getting quite good at Texas History, though, currently wading through the Empresario period.
      The teenager's required to learn it for school, which he considers boring, i'm learning it because I find it interesting, current reading is 'The Men who United the States' by Simon Winchester.

  6. Of course, were you a member of this tribe, she could file jointly and, if income was below a certain level, and had she contributed at least $1200 to a retirement account, and if she didn't itemize, a form 8880 could be included in the filing which would return your contribution to the taxes. But alas . . .

    1. She is filing jointly.

      But I'm not sure what any of it means. As for for form numbers, I have so many filed in my head, I mumble them in my sleep.
      I'm open to any and all advice.
      Current thinking is 'Do whatever they tell me to, no matter how random it seems.'
      I remain bemused at how long it all takes. Are they actively doing stuff, or are those forms sittting somewhere in a vast heap, just waiting until someone pulls one out and hits it with a random next action 'Send to another office in a far-away state' 'Drop down back of filing cabinet', "Approved", "Rejected", 'Arrest on Sight!', 'Demand more forms' "Demand more fingerprints, photos, payment' 'Surveillance'.

      Maybe this time next year, I'll have made it through Ellis Island.


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