Thursday, 20 March 2014

Move Day -1



  1. It's great to see everything is working as it should be! ;)

  2. I envy you your eyes.
    Yes, I spoke too soon, when I test-published the post, all the pictures came up.
    When I checked it on another device, all the pictures did not come up. the html resolves to 'localhost'.
    i.e., Picasa never uploaded the pictures, although they're available to my blog on my computer.

    Way back, I could figure-skate my way around Microsoft Publisher 95, I could do spins and jumps like a pro, then they brought out '98. And I fell and broke my bones. I suspect Google is doing that with Picasa and blogger because it wants us to move to Google+ -WHICH I HATE!!!!!

  3. I just download the photos I need from Picasa...but I've never gone from Picasa to blog (its generally the other way!)

    All the best with moving and sorting xx

  4. I get very impatient, and frustrated when things don't work out for me. I, too, have never gone from Picasa to blog. I transfer from Picasa to My Documents and work from there.

    I'm sure you'll work it out in the end, Soub...either that or you'll have no hair left. By the way, hide the sledgehammer they can do great damage to computers! ;)

  5. I see nothing bar a small green square on Chrome.
    I see nothing bar a...well nothing on Firefox.
    I see nothing bar a small black cross on IE.

    Maybe that's a good thing.....

    1. It probably is..... My pictures weren't all that exciting.

      I've used picasa often to post multiple pics all in one go. When it works it's easy. Much quicker than posting pics one by one via blogger. Less clunky. Now it's broken, Picasa has fixed it, but blogger's code has not yet been altered, so ......................... just. so.
      I'll use the old way then.


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