Saturday, 31 August 2013

Update Update Update!

The light at the end of  the tunnel shines ever brighter.

I had my U.S. K1 Visa medical in London on the 16th of August, and now, two weeks later, I have an appointment date for my interview at the U.S. Embassy, for Friday 13th September!

It's a good thing I'm not superstitious. As the interviews are early in the morning, I have to get a hotel. Now on my last visit to London, for the medical, I found a nice little hotel ten minutes walk from the embassy. Yes, I walked and timed it. But somehow, London has decided to be busy that weekend. I know the students are back, but for whatever reason, on a host of different booking websites, I was struggling to find a room anywhere near. There's two weeks still to go, and everywhere in walking distance seems to be booked up. I've been searching for hours. My brother and sister-in-law live thirty minutes north of Euston Station, and she commutes.... 
"Stay with us and get the train in".
She has no concept of how big a thing this is for me. If I was late, I might find my interview slot cancelled, and myself waiting a month for the next opening. 
I have to reduce the number of variables. No risk of a train signalling failure, or someone throwing themselves under a tube train.....
Walking distance, it has to be. Even though the hotel room costs as much as a small car.... I'm not joking, I've had cars that cost less. I'm booked. It's 2 a.m., so I'm a bit shell-shocked. I'll leave booking my train ticket for the morning. I'll probably find the whole world wants to travel on the same day too.

If all goes well, I could be in Texas, and marrying the Red Dirt Girl before the end of October!

Though I'm not superstitious... -wish us luck, keep fingers crossed.


  1. The arc of the United States immigration system is long, but it bends toward justice, at least in one percent of cases.

    That's fantastic!

    1. Getting there. It's a super-marathon.
      Hey, Dave, thanks for the support. One day, not too far away, I hope I'll get to thank you in person.

  2. My fingers are crossed, Soub. Good for you...things are picking up pace...and I do so hope you are now on the final lap; bounding down the straight with the finish line in sight!

    1. I'm not good at bounding, but that finish line looks good, and one foot in front of the other, I'm getting there.

      I like to cook, I'm not great at it, but I try. And I've promised the RDG and her family, I'll cook regular family meals.
      Your recipes are carefully bookmarked as try-outs.

      And they have prickly pear in the fruit and veg aisle. I plan to sample that.

  3. I am overjoyed and it has been hard to keep it contained in my professional life at the moment. Anyone who asks about you gets to see me bubble over with excitement. While I'm calmly waiting on customers, I'm dancing my happy dance inside.

    Cannot believe we started this process, seriously, in July of 2012. How little we both knew of the immigration arc and its propensity to act like Schrodinger's cat in the box. I know I peeked a few times too many under the lid (the cat wasn't breathing), but look: He's alive! He's alive!

    Wait .... this isn't quantum physics.

    So happy the room is booked even at the expense of a small nation. Now the train. And god help us if it gets cancelled like the last one did ...... arrgggghhh!

    Good luck, sweetheart.

  4. Travel a day earlier than you need, not that I suspect train failures.....

    I hope all goes well.

    1. I am going earlier, last time, my train was cancelled, or rather, diverted. I had to get a local train to Doncaster to pick-up the London Express.

      No drama in these soul-less electric things, I think a journey like this should be pulled by a roaring, panting, steaming behemoth.

  5. You can always buy a sleeping bag and settle yourself on the sidewalk at one of the gates the night before the interview. Then you'll be on time and they know you are motivated enough (although they may question your sanity or think you're a terrorist). There is a nice park behind behind the embassy, you can use one of the benches or possible camp on the lawn as well.

    "reduce the number of variables" that's a great advice in general, I'll keep that in mind.

    1. If you'd seen the number of heavily armed police around there, I think you'd abandon the sleeping bag idea. They don't look at all friendly, but my vastly more expensive hotel than last time, I'm guessing ten minutes or less.
      I'll be outside the gate at least half an hour early, probably after a night of no sleep.

  6. I know it will work out. You have been waiting too long for it not to.

  7. Good luck! I'd offer you some of mine (luck that is), but it stinks.

  8. All the best....looking forward to hearing the good news!

  9. Good luck and best wishes; I hope the interviewer is in a good mood on Friday morning.



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