Monday, 1 July 2013

I Fell Off My Bike!

Well, yes, I did, many a time, back in the days when I had a bike.
My most recent one? I gave it away a while back in readiness for my transatlatic translocation. Given the long tedious wait for the glacial gears of government to grind their way toward a visa, I should have kept it for a few more months.
In my childhood days we did not wear helmets, we relied on bone and soft yielding flesh to cushion the impact. But back then I'd never heard of Danny MacAskill, nor could I even imagine the things this guy can do with a bike.


  1. I'd fall off my bike just thinking about getting on it...if I had one!

    1. That's a convoluted concept. However, I have about the same thought about horses.

  2. The Boys (3 last Friday) have just got their bikes with pedals....after being on balance bikes for a year..they were transfixed.We're hoping that they don't get too inspired yet!!

  3. Riding a bike is one of the great pleasures.
    The aches are not......


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