Friday, 21 June 2013

Summer Solstice

I was NOT up before the sun, today, nor was I dancing around any circles of stones.

But I did stop off this evening, and sit awhile, with my book, in the Alhambra Garden in Roundhay Park. The picture is not mine, for some reason, I neglected to take a view, like this, down the centre line.
The specialty gardens, here, are a little off the beaten track, maybe they're busier at weekends, but I had the place all to myself, lounged on a bench in the sunshine, ate my sandwiches, drank elderflower champagne, and mused.
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  1. What a lovely garden. It's inspiration, more formal in design, is equally beautiful. A place to reflect ...


    1. It is. And a place where I'm reflecting on my moving forward, of change and renewal.

  2. Very Alhambra ish.
    I don't understand how you found the sun mind.

    1. We have signed the sun to our club. It is under contract to us, and in future will only make guest appearances in other areas, on payment of certain fees.

      We considered perhaps instituting human sacrifice, but, being a bit squeamish, have decided we prefer cash.
      And thus, we're starting a 'Solar Lottery' Buy lots of tickets, and there's about a one in 44 million chance of you winning the jackpot, and getting a whole sunny week.

    2. If we must pay for the sunshine, darkness it is then......


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