Thursday, 11 April 2013

This blog will shortly resume.

I've been travelling for a zillion hours.
I want to go to bed, but if I do, then I'll wake up at about two in the morning, still on Texas time.
I need to go out and buy food and milk.

Update when my brain catches up.

But I can tell y'all, that when I touched down at London Heathrow, I wanted to walk straight over to the gate that was boarding a flight back to Texas.


  1. And I would have stolen your passport and kidnapped you before you left if I thought it would not adversely affect your visa process .....

    I'm planning on writing those letters.
    Oprah will want you live on TV in a dramatic 'REVEAL'. Just warning you ahead of time.

    I miss you.
    Come back.


  2. I wondered when you'd come up for air. Do they say that over there, "come up for air"?
    If not, RDM will have to show you how that works.
    Hey Souby!


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