Thursday, 14 March 2013

There's a New Pope.

Yes, I know... It's an old pope, one or other of them. 
The point made remains relevant.
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  1. Why they pick an old fella, beats me! They'll probably have to go through all that nonsense again in very near future! Money ill my humble, uneducated opinion!!

    1. I applied for the job myself.
      There were a couple of snags, apparently you're expected to be somewhat religious! And a catholic, and a cardinal.
      And I couldn't wear my old boots to work, they said, red shoes.
      Red shoes.
      The angels wanna wear my red shoes.

      So I withdrew my name from the hat, and the old bloke got it.

  2. A customer left her cross today to be cleaned and admonished the sales clerk to not lose it saying, "It has been blessed by the Bishop!"

    In response I retorted, "Well I've been blessed by God Himself." My co-worker chimed in, "Blessed and Favored, Girlfriend .... Blessed AND Favored."

    That's all I have to say on this subject.

    1. I am, I'm reliably informed, made "IN HIS IMAGE".
      Be overawed, tiny mortals.

      Between us, we make 'My cross has been blessed by the Bishop" fade into triviality.

      Made in his image.
      Wear dark glasses, and tremble, Lady.

      Stop that snickering at once.

  3. Unfair criticism. Christians have always shown faith in God and been attacked violently for it by those who are afraid.

    1. I disagree, I'd argue that if it's god's will that he is pope, then he'll survive in the role just as long as god wishes. And if god thinks it's time for a change, then that bulletproof glass will part like the red sea.

      Seriously, bulletproofed glass is for ordinary people.

      4 inch-thick parking-attendant booths with an old man on a commode? Pah.


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