Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Observed Today... A Parking Hoo-Ha.


  1. Oops indeed.

    She? I have no evidence as to gender, and, believe me, I've seen the male of the species do some very silly things with cars.

    A man came into our car-park at work, parked next to a four-foot high bright yellow steel post. He turned his front wheels to full-lock, and reversed, thus crunching the post deep into the passenger door of his 4WD Audi expensive-mobile. Only when the crumpled metal had crunched far enough into the front wing, and the front passenger side wheel hit the post, did he appear to notice anything amiss.
    Instead of, like any normal person might do, getting out and tearing out clumps of hair whilst moaning and yelling "Oh F@**K!", he just straightened his wheels, went forward, and reversed out again.
    I'm assuming he intended to leave it like that, and then wait for his wife to drive it and then blame her....
    The damage was considerable. Probably cost as much as any car I've ever owned to repair it.
    His face showed no alarm or concern whatsoever.

  2. You just shouldn't be let out on the roads by yourself, Soubriquet!! ;)


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