Sunday, 23 December 2012

What's the Engine Out Of?

I was asked, on the previous post, what's the engine out of? 
It's out of the geriatric land-rover, which I've owned since 1992.  Back a few years ago, after a few too many abuses, the poor old dear failed its test on a multiple of faults, and at the time I had no money to spare, so she went away into storage, for a while.  Which turned out to be several years.


In 2007, I hauled it out, and set to work on a ground-up rebuild. The biggest change was putting later style wings on, with outboard headlights.


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  1. The difference between the first and the last photo is stunning!

  2. The canvas top goes back on when the weather improves!

  3. If it is truly going to migrate to America as a pirate, paint skull and crossbones on the old headlights. (deadlights?)

  4. The 'deadlights' will be reinstated. It's got them blanked out because I hadn't completed the new wiring and switched relay, that's needed for them tooperate without burning out the switches, and the vehicle test station guy said "if the light is physically present, it must work". Blanking them out was easier and quicker. These lights, though, on dipped beam, throw to the left, so I need to get r/h-dip lenses before I ship it.
    The alternator's being cranky too.
    And the split-charge unit has no second battery, and the winch is in pieces.
    And the overdrive and the canvas hood are somewhere in Ken's garage.
    Might go digging tomorrow.

    1. I did once have a skull and crossbones stencilled on the tailgate, in grey.

    2. Well, at least get a Texas flag license plate and screw it on the opposite front side, since your steering wheel is already of the Confederate persuasion. (On the wrong side.)

  5. Interesting progress! Keep us all posted please!


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