Friday, 7 December 2012

I Don't Own Any i-things

But this phone case, made by BookBook, alas, for i-phones and i-things only, is almost enough to sway me toward the ranks of the ineffably smug.


Being, as I am, a devoutly bookloving person, a little leather volume, like this  in my pocket, would feel just right, in worn soft brown leather.

Mmmmmm. I wonder if my current phone would....
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  1. I don't own any "I" thingies, either. But I do like that case...but not enough to buy one of those "I" thingies to put in it...I'll buy a real live and kicking leather-bound book with paper pages in it, instead...and keep my land-line phone thingie...I could hang it around my neck and take it with me when I go out if I can find a long enough cord, that is...then that would turn it into a mobile phone...wouldn't it?

    1. Awaiting photo... I have a little book not unlike those in size. Well, maybe a few.

  2. I also do not do i-anythings (though my daughter's college communicates to the computers by way of i-phones and macs [the latter they actually supply], so she does). For years, I eschewed PDAs and touch phones since I've never been particularly found of graphical interfaces and tend to find them clumsy. And touch screens, I was sure, were fraught with irritation.

    2 years ago, I broke down and brought a touchscreen smartphone, an android, which I considered (and still consider) the best alternative to the i-mania. To my own shock, I loved it (and still love it), including the touchscreen. I bought with with a QWERTY keyboard I never use.

    I do not have a case like that and would find a folding case like that irritating, to be irritating, but I do one some parsecs better with my android tablet. Although I don't eschew real books (five bookshelves, floor to ceiling, just in my bedroom), I love--LOVE--ebooks as well. I used to own a Sony eReader (two, in fact), but I like my tablet much better since I have apps that read the books I bought from Sony, the books I buy for Kindle, the books I buy for Nook (Barnes and Noble) and a whole plethora of mangas. In one very travel-friendly container (In fact, my favorite books I own both in paper and electronically so I can take whatever I want on travel without heartache).

    I would not, in fact, buy an ereader given the capability and flexibility of tablets, and I use my tablet every day. I could watch movies on it, but don't, but I do have apps on it that my developmentally challenged children like to play (when they won't on the computer) and I've been teaching myself Japanese kanji - 969 learned and counting.

    I got distracted in my electronic euphoria, what was the question again?

    1. You're a lightweight on bedroom books -what, are they only on one wall?

      I'm Android-driven too. No tablet, it might happen one day. My i-thing animosity is driven by apple's smugness. I like their products, mostly, but i'm not convinced anything about them justifies the price-premium, nor do i admire any company that pretends its users are universally cooler than non-users.


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