Friday, 19 October 2012

Perhaps I should Get a Smaller Car?

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  1. What I wouldn't give to have that top car.

  2. I'm sure there were cars similar to the top one on sale in the late 60's.

  3. Oh so cute. I would still love one of those kid sized cars you get in very expensive toy shops - always wanted it and could afford one now. Except that now I would not fit into it ... sigh... another dream shattered...

  4. RM: Me too. Looks the most usable of them. Just needs a V8 for effortless cruising....

    Adullamite: Are you really sure? Bubble-cars, maybe. I had a half-share in a BMW Isetta bubble, when I was fifteeen, until my dad found out. Old meany!

    Jenny Woolf: I was always the same. Maybe I should post an old picture of me in a tiny Austin pedal car... When I found one, in a scrap pile at the back of an amusement park, I could only perch on top of the seat with my legs outside. Somehow, over the twenty or so years since I coveted Barbara wallace's little Austin Pedal car, with the working lights, and wipers... They'd shrunk!


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