Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I've been a bit busy.


It's been a bit chaotic. Diggity diggitty dig, pipes, conduits, cables, draw ropes, lamp posts to raise, bash holes in 150 year old walls, uncover all sorts of mysteries, go home filthy, collapse and fall asleep.
And repeat. There's more, inside the buildings, new 3" gas pipes to run, new incoming mains cabling, new fibre-optic data cabling. Meanwhile the fire-sprinkler system air-compressor thew a fit and burned out its switchgear and fuses, so that's to do in the morning,  and the cctv cameras on one wall need to be moved for the bricklayer to put up a new fascia wall...
And tomorrow, there's a forecast of storms and torrential rain. Luckily, we're mostly out of the trenches now, but I don't much look forward to putting up aluminium scaffold towers around the lamp-posts and working up-top if there's lightning. Hey ho. I'll wear my rubber boots.
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  1. I am now fully charged, with a zillion volts of fizzing, crackling power, and a faint smell of burning.


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