Monday, 29 October 2012

Another Wet Day


Oh how I hate wet days. My preciouses were soaked!
Now I know not all who come here will understand my anguish, but those in the leather roll have articulating ends and fine ratchets.  I was up on the scaffolding dismantling redundant lights and signs, when the downpour commenced.

But, in context, it's nothing. I'm thinking of all those people in the eastern U.S. and Canada in the line of Hurricane Sandy. I was just watching a live feed video of a crane collapsing atop a high building in New York.
My grumbling about a wet day? It's laughable.
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  1. Are these wet tools used to measure the span of a nut or to wrench it off the bolt?

  2. Bolt:

    1. A unit of measuring cloth
    2. A threaded piece of metal
    3. A fast move to escape captivity
    4. A basic unit of lightning

  3. Past tense of "to go bowling" in Georgia.

  4. "The ballet dancer wrenched his nuts."

  5. Nothing like a sexy set of spanners spread out to dry on a warm radiator!! Thanks for the visual ;-) You can span me any day.


  6. Wet through is not good, no matter what happens elsewhere.

  7. Bolt. A projectile shot from a crossbow. Fixing device on stable door after the horse has bolted. Cross-bolting.. the stiffening of a light-alloy V block by compressing it with high-tensile threaded fasteners. But not needles, nor even buttons, though bothare threaded fasteners.

    I like spanners. Parting from my spanners is sometimes a bit of a wrench.

    'Wrench', to me, implies a sudden and violent force. Whereas spanners can be used gently, and with precision.

    Wet nuts are what squirrels have at this time of year.#

    Usain Bolt. very fast running bloke.

    Bridges span. I measure nuts and bolts with a dial caliper.
    When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman?

  8. Pull them out of thet wet cloth before they rust!

  9. wet....which is why we've bolted to NZ for a Summer....only Spring so far, and I'm feeling better after only four days!!

  10. Wrench might seem a bit violent, but spanner implies no torque at all, no movement whatsoever. What we need is another word altogether. Something that also takes into account busted knuckles. I submit "twist and shout."

  11. Anomalous.... are you the one time mower? They did not rust, a gentle wipe with light oil and they're fine.

    gz: New Zealand? Good heavens. which bit? the north lump or the south one? A place I have always wanted to visit, but probably never will.
    Take pictures of the good bits. I used to have a friend send me copies of "New Zealand Potter", they're a busy lot.

    Max: funnily enough, I was looking at a forum for Land Rover owners in north america, and there was a guy there who was thinking of starting a club called "The Busted Knuckle Club", for us spanner-wielders. The key to not busting a knuckle is to have the right selection of good quality spanners. More shiny is often not the way to go. I had some great self adjusting wrenches, from, co-incidentally, new zealand, I bought them at a classic motorbike show. sadly, a couple were borrowed and never returned. I'm too trusting. Stuff doesn't come back, and I can't remember who borrowed it.
    I started a borrowers book once, in which I got people to sign and date when they took something. 'Charles Babbage' never returned my brake-pipe flaring tool.
    Babbage was a victorian mathematician. Before my time. Swine.

  12. Hurricane Sandy rained on us for a whole week. Schools actually closed that Monday because of it and I'm in Ohio. Never ever had the schools closed for a hurricane in Ohio that I can remember.


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