Saturday, 13 October 2012

A 'B' in Art

I know you've probably seen this already, all over the internet. But take a moment to think about the beauty here, accidentally created by bees. Once you've thought about that, ponder on their cell-ordering. I wonder, does one bee work on one cell? how do they choose which cell to fill. Why the random spacings? Any Apiarists out there to enlighten me?
Oh. Yes, the obligatory bit. Beekeepers in France found their bees making rainbow honey, and eventually tracked the source to a recycling plant a few miles away which had drums of brightly coloured M&Ms outside. The bees, finding this an easier source of nectar than sucking it out of individual flowers, told the rest of the hive, who made a bee-line for the brightly coloured sweetness.
The processing plant has now made the M&Ms off-limits to the bees.
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  1. The decided they could not sell it, but I wonder....?
    An Indian doctor told me of his area where the honey was coffee tasting. They grew lots of coffee there and the bees lived of the flowers.


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