Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Biff! Pow! Whack!

An update, don't-cha know.
Scaffolding arrived. 
(Bloke is a random passing stranger, this blog does NOT pay extras)

Got to miss all the phone lines. Why doesn't someone invent a wire-less telephone?
Isn't this the future? Don't we all have flying cars and pocket communicators now?
Beam me up, Spotty.
I bet they've seen a lot of bottoms in their day.
Bash thump.
And, new timber purlin, steel brace, bolts, and glue. 
Yes, glue.
Single-skin brick, I bet it was cold in there in winter. You wouldn't loiter, oh no, straight back to those nice warm machines!

Can has bukkit?
 So far, no unscheduled plummeting, neither of bricks nor of humans.

The mortar on the roof's from the ridge tiles, another job on the never-diminishing list of things to get around to, someday.

Oh. and I spent some time tracking pipes, for another job. 

 The pipes are colour-coded. But sometimes the painter makes it up as he goes along.

Yellow denotes gas. 
And there's a specific code for the EXACT shade of yellow.... Or you can just use whatever you've got in the van, can't you?

And I was crawling in a dim space where water's coming out of the wall. It's a spring, it comes and goes with the weather. Have to invent a cure for it. 
Or plug it. Or dig a drain. Or install a sump-pump. Or dark-adapted penguins. Whatever.
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