Thursday, 17 May 2012

More of my Travel Pics. Old Town, Spring, Texas.

We visited Spring, Texas, by chance on a day when the streets were closed to cars and full of visitors, it was "Springfest!"
The town has a lot of old style wooden buildings, and an eclectic mix of retail establishments.


Like a corset barn.
 And whyever not, I ask?

The yellow house you can just see in the background was for sale. A nice place for a pottery, perhaps?


Or here...


Antiques store


And peaceful.... 

And quaint.

This one was empty too

Shotgun shack?

More pink. I think the pink place was the Vajazzlery.

The heat was relentless, so after we'd had ice-creams elsewhere, I found myself unable to pass the Loose Caboose without purchasing an ice-cold beer to sip in the shade. 
Except there was no shade. Seats in the shade were crammed, so we sat on seats that were prototypes for a solar griddle. The loose caboose sits on a very short railway. Maybe one day the traindriver will look back into the dusty distance and try count wagons... "Oh my", he'll say, or "Heavens to Betsy! We done lost our caboose!"
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  1. Fancy shops indeed.
    Love the Caboose!

  2. That was a nice day ... I got sunburned; tried on weird hats; squeezed various duckies; ate ice cream with my sweetheart; commented on the juxtaposition of the Christian bookstore located on the corner across from the Crystals and Tarot readings store interesting little place. But I bet the rents are pretty high on those vacant buildings.


  3. According to Spring statistics, the population contains only 0.3% Native Americans and even less Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders. No need to worry about drums and outriggers in Spring, eh?. Mean house price $140K (that's pretty mean alright, even for a pot'ry baron), median earnings $68K (wonder if the caboose people make more?) but median resident age is 31. Sorry stud.


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