Thursday, 10 May 2012

Connie's Bath Shack!

 If ever y'all need a rubber duck, then I have just the place for you!
The Red Dirt Girl and I visited Old Town, Spring, Texas, which is about 30 minutes north of downtown Houston, and we just happened to coincide with some sort of festival or whatever, the town was full of people, roads barred to vehicles, so it was all about leisurely strolling and browsing the many shops.

 One of which was Connie's Bath Shack.
I never knew you could get rubber ducks in so many forms.

Astronaut ducks! Well, Houston, we have a problem, "Quaaaack!".

The mind boggles. 
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  1. How come I didn't buy the dragon duck ??? Did we SEE a dragon duck ???


  2. That is a business that might work here.

  3. RDG: The Dragon Duck had been arrested for inciting arson.

    What? Dragon Ducks?

  4. Hey, if anyone wants to find rubber duckies of every size, shape, nationality, profession, species and even glow in the dark, the place to go is the oriental trading company, who's URL is effectively that.

    Do a search "rubber duckies" and you'll find 129 assortments of them. And the prices are hard to beat. They not only have a dragon duckie, but a whole set of dinosaur ones.

    Do beware, many of them are teeny tiny so know the size you're looking for.

    I get no kickback, just thought you'd be interested to see the full assortment. With kids in gradeschool, finding inexpensive toys for groups of kids is a must, so I know about it. (Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if that's where your shop got 'em.)


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