Monday, 26 March 2012

An Announcement

Last year, in July/august, I went to Texas, and saw this house. It just needs a lick of paint....

Tomorrow morning I shall leave the house at five a.m., and set off for Texas again. Blogging has been a bit erratic and sporadic over here, of late, mostly because my pencil broke and the dog ate my homework. Well, probably more that I couldn't think of anything much to say. The Red Dirt Girl often says that I should start a blog of comments I've left on other blogs, because I write blogpost-length comments, and comment-length blogposts. She's probably right. Anyway, I'm a-hoping that she hasn't forgotten I'm coming, and will be waiting in the airport at Houston.
She might as well set off from home about half a day after the plane lands, because last time, the line in purgatory seemed to last forever. Shuffling souls being tormented by demons in uniform. Show your papers, put 'em away, show your papers, and so forth. Several flights-worth of non U.S travellers had landed, but only a handful of the many booths were open. And the guys running them, well they were there for the full shift, whatever, so why should they care how long I'd been shuffling that interminable zigzag line?
Lordy it's frustrating. I know, I know, they have a job to do, keeping undesirables out, but me? I'm lovely.  I really am. I even know a few words of The Yellow Rose of Texas....

Anyway, after a few hours I might make it back out into the sunshine, with my sweetheart.

There'll be more posting shortly.

Oh. And I've got the space centre (geesh!, center), on my list, and there's a weather museum,  presumably full of the winds of yesteryear, and very old clouds stored in jars, and there's a great art museum where they wouldn't let me take any photographs, and?
I'm open to suggestions. We're based about 40 minutes north of downtown Houston.
I kinda hanker for seeing the battleship "Texas", which fought in two world wars.
I liked the idea of a flight on a B17, until I saw the price.

What else? Well, we're heading toward Austin and San Antonio, and small towns in between. I'm looking to relocate, ya see, and I need to find me a saloon to get a job in. I kinda fancy a career as .... A Floozy-Wrangler Aaah haha hahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


(The ouch is in anticipation of what she'll do when she sees my chosen career.)


  1. Ahhh now, you know I'll be a'waitin in the ARRIVALS hall along with the other hundreds of anxiously waiting people. I truly think the waiting part is the hardest, and I do plan on leaving the house a bit later than last summer ... So if I hear a howling man in the hall, I will know it's you thinking I've left you stranded. No worries, they have special rooms for people like you ...:)

    As for your chosen profession, why I think it a fine thing indeed. Floozies flock to your side naturally. You won't have much trouble wranglin' them. Of course, it all depends upon whether you've enough time on your hands after attempting to keep me wrangled ...

    See you on the other side, sweetheart!

  2. What a wonderful adventure. I'm so excited for both of you!

  3. One thing women love is English accents like yours and one thing guys love is southern accents like hers... no wonder you 2 found each other!

  4. The space center, you mean you're in Houston's neck of the woods (Texas isn't enough, the state is frickin' huge). Apparently, Red Dirt Girl and I live in the same vicinity.

    Weather's a bit nicer here now than in August.

  5. RDG!: trying to wrangle you is about as easy as plaiting fog.

    Nag: Me too!

    Gary: It's amazing, some days that we understand anything each other says! I can report that, as in the last visit, I find it quite difficult to interpret rapidly spoken texans, so I spend a fair bit of time looking bemused. It works both ways though. I can report that the natives are friendly, and unfailingly helpful and polite.
    I think my flight passed over your house. Sorry about the noise.

    Stephanie: In the neck of the woodlands, to be precise. (Or Stepford, as I see it).
    Weather's just fine, even the rain is warm. And, unlike in august, everything's green, and spring is sprung.


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