Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Tiny Church in North Yorkshire

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  1. That's hardly tiny. Perhaps if you are used to all those cathedrals.

  2. Fascinating. Old churches are worth a look.

  3. So lovely--the stained glass windows most of all!

  4. beautiful stone and carving

  5. I wonder what would be some dates on those stones -- looks like maybe 1600's?

  6. Adullamite, though I'm a heathen, I love old churches. I go in and sit, and listen to silence and tranquility. And I read old memorials, try to spend a few moments thinking of those people, how long ago, they stood in this same space, with their joys, and worries, I try to think of their lives, and of the people, long gone, who built this place, and why they did so.

    Shakespeare: The windows...."Some seeds fell by the wayside and the fowls came and devoured them up, some fell upon stoney places Some fell among thorns and others fell on to good ground and brought forth fruit"

    This was a memorial to a past vicar of the church, and to his wife, placed by their sons and daughter.
    The other, a war memorial from the first world war. By 1916 61 men from this little parish were in the army, including the then vicar's three sons. This is the memorial for his sons, and the seventeen who would never return.

    gz: The carving! oh yes. It seems the local carver was a virtuoso. On that grave we see God holding out his hand to Elizabeth Wright, in 1888.

    Goatman:Ralfe Tankard, the old feller on the plaque in the church, died in 1602.

    The little church was going on for four hundred years old by then. A lot of the gravestones are 1700s, older ones are about but many are rather badly eroded so not very readable now.


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