Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rosy Hues in the Evening Sky

A few minutes ago, I looked out of the window. It's dusk. Night is on its way, and I see this colourful rosy cloud.  What, you may wonder, is so special about that?

Well, it's sunset, or, to be a little more accurate, almost a quarter hour after sunset. And the sun sets in the west, doesn't it?

Well, the clouds in question are to the north-north-east. Usually the sunset is on the other side of the house.
And to the west? not much in the way of  sunset at all.
Five minutes after I took the last picture, all the colour was gone, and now, twenty minutes later, the outside world is dark.
I liked the candy-floss colours.

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  1. The colours change and go so quickly. A breathtaking sight

    1. gorgeous colors! candy floss ??? .... umm, are you speaking of cotton candy? i'm not familiar with candy floss (is it a bit like dental floss only in flavored confections??)

      lost in translation,

    2. candy floss = spunsugar on a stick, sold at fairs...

  2. Floss: unspun fibres. The sheeps-wool found snagged on a fence, the white fibrous content of a cotton boll, the fibrous mass within the heads of rushes.

    What you call cotton-candy is candy-floss here. Usually pink. I haven't tasted it since I was a child.


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