Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I've been pestered on three evenings this week by different charity door-knockers, all with proper i.d., sweatshirts and coats printed with the charity's names.
All want me to sign up for a monthly donation, pointing out that it's tax free, and would make so much of a difference.

This week, I decided not to do my usual, which is "No, thank you, go away", but to listen, then tell them why the answer is still "No".
(basically, that I'll decide which charities I'll support, in my own time, and any charity which actively pesters me will be absolutely excluded from consideration.)

Believe it or not, after I'd let one go through his entire spiel of how my little donation would enable them to find a cure for cancer, and if I didn't sign up there and then, all the deaths from now on would be my fault, and I then said "No, I don't think I want to donate, right now.", the guy turned to his female companion, and said, I can't believe how this guy's just wasted our time!"

I said, "Well, I was just sitting, reading, when you rang the doorbell, I'd have been quite happy to not have been disturbed, but, as you insisted, and rang again, I thought it was only polite to get up out of my chair and stand here in the cold for five minutes with you, before I declined to give you my money."


  1. I hate chuggers- ok they are only doing a job, but the attitude stinks

  2. The ones on the phone are just as persistent and will not take a courteous, "No thanks, I'm not interested."

    But one can always hang up.

  3. gz: What I don't like is that for them it IS a job.
    They may start out with high ideals, but they get paid to do the pestering. Out of the money that they persuade you to give to alleviate suffering.

    Stephanie: Somebody here said "I always ask for their personal phone number...('why not, you're calling me on mine?') Why? So I can call YOU at eight thirty on a sunday morning, when you'd rather be asleep.

  4. Chuggers do annoy, false smile from someone who knows and cares nothing for the charity, and tomorrow they are back with a different one.


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