Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ya done put mice in the radiator Razors in the clay Well, they keeps us working all night Don't give us no pay Don't give us no pay


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  2. RDG:? there's something missing in you if you don't like this.

    You poor mule.

  3. To think Radio 1 concentrated on the top 20 and that was filled with bubblegum music from day till night.

  4. Wel, Adullamite, there was Radio Luxembourg, and then the pirate ships came, good old Caroline, at anchor just outside Britain's jurisdiction, anarchistically beaming musical eclectica to britain's youth, and giving the masters of broadcasting here foaming-mouth fits of apoplexy.

    And then came John Peel and whispering Bob Harris on Radio 1, late in the night, unconstrained by playlists, I used to record John Peel to listen at more convenient times.

  5. Sadly Caroline was very difficult to hear in Edinburgh, and our own Radio Scotland ship was moved to the west coast and soon sunk by the government. Luxembourg was good as it faded in and out but their playlist was often to similar to Radio 1 sadly.
    John Peel was the man, but we were playing football when he was on!!!
    Bob Harris was on BBC2 that England would not give Scotland until 72/3 and then it was poor. Harris was good but for some reason I missed him mostly.

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