Sunday, 29 January 2012

Aurora Borealis, The Icy Sky at Night,

I should point out, for the benefit of those, the majority of my readers, I'd guess, who have not yet had the good fortune to see the aurora, that all of the clips below are significantly faster than real-time. The gunuine artice is usually gentler and lazier in its movements. Look at these as the auroral equivalent of speeded-up cloud sequences. This year's solar activity promises strong likelihood of the Auroras being seen from far beyond their usual latitudes.
Let's hope we all get a chance to see them.


  1. I try to eschew spam whenever I can. I certainly don't write it. Nor am I particularly anonymous.

    Soubriquet, this is your blog? My sister suggested I read a post here, so I came over and saw it was YOU!

    Obviously, I should have been here sooner since I treasure your comments and the intellect they reflect! I'll make a point to be back.

    By the way (and this isn't spam), I have another blog buddy who takes wonderful astronomy pictures. Unfortunately, he doesn't post often any more but trolling through his archives can get you some glorious shots. He lives in northern Canada and isn't afraid to freeze his - um - buns off to get a great shot.

  2. Well yes, this is my blog....

    Spam. Back in the old days, we used to get spam, deep-fried in batter, as one of the more disgusting centrepoints of a school dinner. Gak!

    I visited the link. Great photos!

    The bias against anonymity is unfair, I might remove that, I'd forgotten it. It was due to a heap of anonymous spam, way back. Now I have verification, and review comments made on older posts before they're published, it's no longer a problem.
    And as Souberkwit isn't my real name, I'm an 'onymous' too.
    You, however, are eponymous.


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