Friday, 16 December 2011

Tea Addiction: A Warning from the Sixties

Back in the Sixties there was a massive band, called the Rutles. They took the world by storm, spawning imitators and competitors.  In a parallel universe, it's said there was a similarish group called the Beatles. I think I've heard of them, but The Rutles. Oh man, everybody had a few Rutles albums in the attic, or the basement. Mongolian Yak-herders, Bolivian coca pickers, eskimos, arapahoes, everybody knew the Rutles, you could walk into a jungle long house in Sarawak, or a labour-camp in Siberia, and be pretty sure that if you hummed a couple of bars of a Rutles tune, everybody would soon join in.

Today's generation have never heard of them. Why? Well. It was their discovery and subsequent heavy use of a controversial, yet not illegal, mind expanding substance.


Given the hard-core resistance to, and revulsion for Tea in the United States,
and the rumours surrounding its use, the band never recovered.

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  1. These guys are great! I keep wondering why I've never heard of them until recently .... oh right, I was all of 6 years old when they filmed Let it Rot. My ignorance is forgiven.



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