Saturday, 10 December 2011

It's a Good Thing I'm Not Claustrophobic

Did I volunteer for this? we refurbished this space a while back, and as there was a fair bit of unsightly pipework at one end, it was decided to build a false wall to screen it. Now there's a new tenant wanting the space, and he wants a heating system with radiators. So I have to stick a boiler and pipe runs and new waste pipes for the new kitchen and toilet in there too. But: nobody measured the width of my shoulders before the wall was built. It's tight.

Spelunking tight.
Not enough room to swing even a very short cat. That clipboard's paper is 11.72x8.3".

Had to put a new piece in here. But the other end? there's a lot to get into there. Update picture on monday, all being well.

And here? just behind me is the vertical pipe that I can only squeeze past whilst facing one way. I can't turn around at all. I can't crouch down. If I drop something that rolls under that black pipe, I can't reach it without being very inventive.
By the end of monday I'll either be finished with this space behind the real world, or entombed there forever.

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  1. What if you heard a sound behind you? I'd be terrified.

  2. And I think my job is tough ...! If entombment is a possibility, don't forget to bring food and a coin to pay the ferryman to cross the River Styx. Oh and some postcards and a pen as well, so you can write us and tell us all about the journey.


  3. My admiration goes out to you. You're a braver person than me... and I trust that you ARE reading this today and not permanently stuck behind those pipes.

  4. It's like Narnia! I met a faun and it was snowing by the lamp-post, and that's about all I can remember of C.S.Lewis.

    As for food, hm. and a coin. well, there's a hatch that gives access to the lethean depths, which I think I blogged about once... A subterranian world with, currently (see what I did there?) about 8 feet of water in it. Old Charon might have to be careful whilst rowing, because there are some steel beams and cast-iron pillars to watch out for.

  5. I was hoping someone else would ask this first but ... How much does it cost to replace the plasterboard? More than a new soubriquet?


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