Wednesday, 14 December 2011

As You Can See,

I'm messing about with the template. I liked it well enough as it was, but it didn't work with some of Blogger's new functions, such as the social media buttons and the myriad different ways to view.
The background picture is very temporary, I just can't decide what to use, so this one is here to remind me of what I should be doing with my spare time.
In the meantime, readers old, new, and just passing by are welcome to make polite suggestions.


  1. Eeegads! You've changed!

    Don't worry, they say change is good. It just takes some of us a little bit of time to catch up to it.


  2. You are replacing orange on black for Facebook button capability? Christ, don't listen to Adullamite.

  3. Always replace the plug before putting in the oil (I knew a fellow once who didn't --- hence the possibility)

  4. Too dark before too bright now!
    At least this is readable by normal folks.

  5. RDG "A change is as good as a rest", my grandmother used to say. I never knew what she meant by it, as I'd always think "A rest is better than a change."

    Max, Orange on black might still return. But I struggle with all the practical stuff.

    Goatman: I could see how that might be an error you'd regret. My second car, the one that rarely goes anywhere, just sits begging me to find a job for it, that one takes a gallon of oil between the low and the high mark on the dipstick. And with oil these days being the price it is, I might just start filling it with caviar instead.

    Adullamite: I suspect you have a hangover, then? Commenting at 07:23, and complaining of brightness.
    I'll send you a pair of dark glasses, if I decide to make it any brighter. In the meantime, I advise viewing through smoked glass.

    Hey. What would you know about normal? You're a blogger, bloggers aren't 'normal'!

  6. I'm sticking with the old, user friendly style!
    From comments on the new style by other blog writers it doesn't sound so easy to use-how do you find it by now?


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