Tuesday, 1 November 2011

"Oh No, Young Lady", He said...

She'd been tiptoeing down the stairs, in her halloween costume. Yes, it was a bit... revealing, but hey, the other girls would be showing some skin too. And besides, with the body paint......
It would be a bit chilly perhaps, but she couldn't wait to see the reactions from the boys.... "Oh yeah", she thought, "tonight they're gonna notice me, tonight I won't be the nerdy girl... tonight...."
But as she stepped into the hallway. "Oh no, young lady, you go back upstairs and get properly dressed!"
"But Dad!"
"Don't you but me!", he gruffed, "My lord, you're near as dammit nekkid, and you think you're going out like that?   Who with?  Boys gonna be there?"
"It's my costume, all of us, my friends, we're going as.."
"Get upstairs and get properly dressed, right now!"
"But Dad! we have to have costumes! Everybody will have a costume".

That was it. She desperately wished she'd not seen that little spark come to his eye...

 "I'll make you a costume",  he said.

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  1. Bwahaaaahaaaaa! You really had me going there. I actually read the post before looking at the pic! And I was thinking, "Wow! He's writing a coming of age novel... in the viewpoint of a girl??!!"

    you're such a wit

  2. Hmmm I knew a lot of girls who wore armour....

  3. Coming of age novel about a girl? I wouldn't know where to start.
    However, I was driving home on halloween, through a suburb close to the university, very popular as a place to live for students.
    Hundreds of kids in costumes, on their way to parties and bars.
    Girls dressed in wisps of material and lots of body paint. I must be getting old, because my overwhelming thoughts were akin to the father in my little story.
    As I say, I'm no expert, I have no daughter, but if I did have one.... Well, I was a boy, a teenager, and a student so I do know about boys...
    And if I were a father, I'd be riveting my daughter's costume on, no matter how much she whined, raged, or tantrummed.
    I tell you, those girls' costumes were akin to dressing like steak whilst going to a party with dogs.

  4. Adullamite: Vodka is the can-opener.

  5. Yes. I suppose those two replies sound schizophrenic, but, I do remember the thrill of the chase, as a lad trying to prove his masculinity.

    And, to be honest, I never did use the alcohol can-opener ploy. In my limited experience, theres no point romancing a girl who's drunk, she'll just puke all over the place, throw her shoes through your window, and pass out with her head in the toilet.
    So I've been told.

  6. I saved that same pic a few days ago, but was loathe to come up with anything near as genius as this to go with it. Great story Souby.

    And yes, the drunk girl? i had one kick out my windsheild one night. I have to admit i was kinda proud of that.

  7. Vodka can-openers??? puh-lease!!!! Aren't you being a little sexist here? I mean which side of the fence are you on? Riiight... you're STRADDLING the fence. Don't know why I didn't see that in the first place, she mutters whilst swishing away...



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