Saturday, 19 November 2011

Occupy? The City?

Sup up your beer and collect your fags,
There’s a row going on down near slough,
Get out your mat and pray to the west,
I’ll get out mine and pray for myself.

Thought you were smart when you took them on,
But you didn’t take a peep in their artillery room,
All that rugby puts hairs on your chest,
What chance have you got against a tie and a crest.

Hello-hurrah - what a nice day - for the eton rifles,
Hello-hurrah - I hope rain stops play - with the eton rifles.

Thought you were clever when you lit the fuse,
Tore down the house of commons in your brand new shoes,
Compose a revolutionary symphony,
Then went to bed with a charming young thing.

Hello-hurrah - cheers then mate - it’s the eton rifles,
Hello-hurrah - an extremist scrape - with the eton rifles.

What a catalyst you turned out to be,
Loaded the guns then you run off home for your tea,
Left me standing - like a guilty (naughty) schoolboy.

We came out of it naturally the worst,
Beaten and bloody and I was sick down my shirt,
We were no match for their untamed wit,
Though some of the lads said they’ll be back next week.

Hello-hurrah - there’s a price to pay - to the eton rifles,
Hello-hurrah - I’d prefer the plague - to the eton rifles.

Hello-hurrah - there’s a price to pay - to the eton rifles,
Hello-hurrah - I’d prefer the plague - to the eton rifles.


  1. Eton has rifles? These guys look like the Gangs of New York movie without the tomahawks and shillelaghs.


  2. The Jam. Setting Sons. 1979. Might have known. Zowie.

  3. Eton has rifles. And more. I think we discussed this once. My old school had rifles. And Bren guns. And trench mortars. And it trained me to use them, and how to set up trip-flares, and equivalents to claymores.

    The military wing of Eton College is now just called the Combined Cadet Force., but it was once the Eton College rifle corps, a volunteer battalion of the Oxford and Buckinghamshire light infantry (4 Ox and Bucks LI (V)) (at a time when it was thought that Napoleon III was threatening to invade Britain). (1860s).
    The ruling class here did not fail to learn from the French Revolution. They will not be herded meekly into the tumbrils.

    When you see the pin-striped bowler-hatted city gent, so often caricatured as being an upper-class idiot, the John Cleese silly-walks man, bear in mind that the biggest single employer of old-etonians in britain is the army.
    Which means that the men at the top, the people who run the city of London's institutions, are not likely to be afraid of a few banner wavers with tents. These are the descendents of men who charged the russian cannons, who led their battallions into the mud of the Somme, they're not afraid of the 99%.
    Only after seeing your comment did I realise that I'd screwed up the html, and failed to post the music with it.

  4. errrrr.... I think I'm in the wrong room. I was looking for a post on libraries. Perhaps there is another department I've missed?


  5. For some reason I thought I was going to hear a cool military march...

  6. RDG: I think you must have taken a wrong turn, this is the sixth floor.
    You should have got out at fourth, turned left by the cafeteria.

    Ohh. alright, I give in. I'm wrestling with attempting to edit a video for inclusion in my not really a library post.

  7. Cool Military March? Surely not....

    Those young fellahs don't look much like singers.... "it's a long waay to Tipperary, It's a long waaay to go!"


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