Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Donkey Thought Bubble

"Like wow, man, I'm buzzin'!
She just gave us mushroom-cookies, and now look at him, making like star-trek, man.. 
Hey Wow! the colours! Wow, my eyes! Wow! Oh look! The planets! Fuck! This is weird!"

Oops:Apology for error, I posted this via Picasa, and  Picasa displayed an error message but the post seemed to be all present in the drafts folder.... But not quite. The pic I was seeing was not uploaded, the html still pointed to 'localhost'


  1. I'm cautiously imagining that this post might make more sense to me if the image that accompanies it would load. Currently it is not....


  2. It is? All I see is picture of Mary and Joseph selling bread and Donkey waiting for them. Try again.

  3. Oh, come on, Max, if she's selling that stuff, then why's it hidden behind the bench, huh?, and why's she sitting on wires that go to the weird blu bottle-shaped object? And why has Jesus (yes, it's Jesus, though the similarity to his step-dad is amazing) lost the plug from the power-cord to his electric donkey?
    Go on, try explain that away.

    Let me tell you, an officer of the law would see they're not so innocent, pretty damn quick.

  4. But, above all, remember that, in the last days, men will come who make a mock at everything--men governed only by their own passions.

  5. Leazwell: That's me then.
    Of course, it's hard to be sure when to start mocking at everything, if there's no clear indication of just when the last days will be.

    As a result, I started early.

  6. Ms. Leazwell forgot to leave us the reference: 2 Peter 3:3. Myself, I'm partial to the NIV version:

    First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.

    That's you, Soubry: a scoffer with evil desires .... yum!


  7. "That's definitely me", he says, smiling lewdly, and scoffing his third cupcake.


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