Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tasteful Products for Halloween

On my american travels, I was impressed by the high quality of consumer goods, so well designed for every need, including all manner of things you will never need. Here's an item designed to cater for a need I can't imagine anybody ever having.

This was on sale in August. I think Halloween is at the far end of October.
Here in britain, I'm sad to report, our retailers are learning from their american counterparts, and selling utter crap too. When I was a kid, etc... the most we ever did was to carve turnip lanterns, and tell scary stories for halloween. Pumpkins are not widely grown in my part of the world, but, mysteriously, they're turning up in baskets in the supermarket about now.
Oh.- And Halloween was one night only.
Not a season.


  1. If you'd have checked the tag, I'm sure you would have found it was chinese. Americans are no longer capable of putting out this high quality of crap anymore. August? You should see it now! Anyhow, I fail to see the "poor taste" angle. Just because you're a turnip man.

    You can say America if you want to. Don't be intimidated. :)

  2. Halloween has become an excuse for good girls to go SASSYY and SAUCY and, well, there ya go :) Speaking of which, my neighbor made my beagle a cute purple tutu!

  3. I think there was halloween stuff about in June and now we are already invaded by Christmas!
    As a witchity type you can imagine that I am rushing out to buy the dog-in-a-bun thingy, along with a new supply of tinsel, flashing santas and all manner of vomit inducing hoo-hah!

    Just as a matter of interest, Halloween and the Day of the Dead are new year in my calender - I am not sure what the significance of bun dog is - can anyone explain?

  4. Max: I'm sure it was made in China, but I'm equally convinced that the concept did not first blossom in the mind of Doctor Fu-Manchu, or even in that of the chief designer of the Wu-Ying Plastic Halloween Commodities Corporation.
    A thing like this? Has to be a product of a mind reared on fast food and artificial sweeteners.

    As for turnips? Oh. right, yes, forget it.

    Gary: If you're not the solution, you just might be the problem. Beagle/Tutu...aaaaaaargh!

    Minsk: Tinsel-flashing hoo-hah? Awesome!

    Bun-dog is self explanatory. It's a prototype ocean-going dachshund, with side-strapped flotation devices. The yellow squiggle might be shark-repellent, I'm not sure. It's carrying a special orange emergency beacon, which fits over its nose and flashes to alert passing shipping.
    I think that's it.

    Max: Wiener? That's an americanism, you know. In fact, the whole metaphor is american.
    Though they're sometimes called sausage-dogs here. By elderly people.


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