Thursday, 6 October 2011

More Photographs of the Castle With the Wyverns

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  1. dragons!!

  2. gz: Doorways windows, dragons and a yew-tree.....

  3. Gary: I can neither confirm nor deny it.
    The mule has, in the past, proved remarkably skittish about having her likeness posted upon my blog, so I'm very careful, most of the time. For instance, that first picture would have been so much better composed, if I had not cropped the musing wench, holding the upside-down map, out of it.
    When you pay your entry fee at the castle gate, the lady there gives you an information sheet with a map, showing a walking route, numbered rooms and explanations.
    Poor Mule, I drove her to distraction by not following the approved sequence. She stood and puzzled in Conduit Court, under the tree, looking at her map, trying to figure out where we had to go next. And I was the spirit of anarchy, leading her up and down stairs, into the towers, routes not on the map. poor mule, I think she thought that castle guards would seize us, and throw us into the dungeons for our sins.
    "Don't be silly, Mule, I said, I'm a Yorkshireman, in a Yorkshire castle". And the guards saluted as we passed by.

  4. that'd be 5 x's, not 4 and yes, Gary, there are a couple of mule-nesses in the pix. In fact, Soubry could have posted me mulsing over the upside down map as well... I mean, gosh, I don't think our romance is all that secret anymore. But this is his blog and he has ultimate rights to post whatever he chooses.


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