Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Blackberry's Messaging System

....was down for three days following a major equipment failure in the U.K. "Email, Messenger and internet functions were unavailable to users in the Middle East, Africa and Europe after a crucial link in the BlackBerry network failed."

"ABU DHABI // A dramatic fall in traffic accidents this week has been directly linked to the three-day disruption in BlackBerry services.
In Dubai, traffic accidents fell 20 per cent from average rates on the days BlackBerry users were unable to use its messaging service. In Abu Dhabi, the number of accidents this week fell 40 per cent and there were no fatal accidents."

Four days later, they were back to normal. That same police force which was urging drivers to eschew the use of messaging devices whilst at the wheel used Twitter to warn drivers of hazardous fog.

"DUBAI // Police used Twitter to broadcast basic safety rules for driving in fog yesterday when speeding drivers caused a 32-car pile-up."

(That 32 vehicle pile-up occurred in ten metre/30 ft visibility at 120 kph/75mph)

Source:  The National via The New Shelton Wet/Dry


  1. so people drive in fog the same way anywhere. Crazily.
    The addition of mobile phones just makes it worse.

  2. I check out shelton's daily too! And i have seen you aover at TYWKIWDBI too! Hey Souby!

  3. gz. even worse. The same muppets use their flashing hazard lights in the same way too.... 'Look, I have these silly lights, I'm invincible' screeee crash bang dead.

    If only Darwin could help us here... And it is predominantly young males in the middle east who are dying in these crashes. Hopefully before they've managed to pass on their genetic heritage.

    Adullamite: In the article, it seems the local commenters ascribe it to human stupidity rather than allah.

    Mr Bulletholes: That damn shelton don't update often enough. He's as bad as me...
    Next time you see me at tywkiwdbi, give me a shout and I'll buy you a coffee!


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