Thursday, 1 September 2011

Good Grief!


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  1. TMI, Soubry. I don't really want to think about the sort of stores you are frequenting and the items you are purchasing there .... isn't this something you'd ask your boyfriend to pick up on the way home ...???


  2. Even more disgusting than Pink Floyd.

  3. I was somewhat bemused myself. The store is in a pleasant leafy suburb, where it is hard to imagine anybody having any kind of fetish.

    When I saw this, I did, of course, glance around the supermarket to see if it was populated by Village People look-alikes, or whether there was a row of Harley Davidsons with rainbow flags outside.
    Nope. So I then went and lurked at the other end of the aisle for a while. An elderly lady flicked a pack triumphantly into her basket, smiling at something only she could see.
    I'm sure she plays the organ in the methodist church.

    As for Pink Floyd, well, I realise that ZZ-Top probably have a greater following in your part of the world, Max, and it's nothing to be too ashamed of.....


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