Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Rusty Truck Post No.2

I love old things. Things with a history, things with a patina, things which saw out other eras, which existed through times I can only read about. Like old cars and trucks.I can't tell you anything much about this car, I don't know the make, or the year, I'd guess 1920s. It's currently being rebuilt in hot-rod form. Hot-rods are a fun kind of activity, and a great outlet for mechanical creativity, but they're not really my thing. I appreciate the work, but I think I'd prefer it less brash and caricatured.

This one reminds me of the sixties, the Munsters, the Monkees, Beach-Boys, a whole era of cruising music, drag strips, greased lightning....

Another one, awaiting the re-animator.

They're in a little place in Texas where the wind blows hot, the feed-store closed down thirty years ago, and the train don't stop no more.

Even the wind-pump's seen better days.
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  1. "I love old things. Things with a history, things with a patina, things which saw out other eras, which existed through times I can only read about. " You could be talking about The Nag.

  2. Now that first one looks like a real car, more than just a box on wheels!

  3. Looks like the US could do with some redeveloping there....

  4. My kids liked putting pennies on that railroad track and then finding the smashed coins once the train went by. We did it every time we visited.

    I want the car with the fins!!


  5. Nag, this blog, I suppose, is aimed at patinated relics with a history. How could it not be, given the provenance of it's proprietor?
    Here's a space where a wrinkle's a badge of rank, not sign of senility.

    gz, I'm reminded that nissan does make a box on wheels. They call it the qube, or some such stupidity.

    Adullamite: To be fair, there were also shiny fancy places about. I just like the look of the old and ramshackle places.
    Some of the new will crop up later, as I continue shamelessly mining my travel pics for blogposts.

    RDG: I liked that game too. Your trains are bigger and heavier, more smooshing power.
    As for the car with the fins.... Fins, lady? That's no car, it's a fish.

  6. ps. we call it a 'Windmill' here in Texas ..... you being an exacting lexiconist and all ...


  7. Me bein pertickler, an all that, a windmill is something that mills, i.e. turns grain into flour, or performs a similar action.
    They generally requite high torque, and therefore have a broad, wide-bladed rotor at the top.
    A borehole-windpump is more likely to require lower torque, higher speed of rotation. A smaller diameter, multiblade rotor suffices. Exactly what this one is.
    Yes, folk call them windmills. Folk who take them for granted and don't ever ask who built them, why, and what are they for.

    The big old 'windmills' seen in Holland, are an exception. They're high torque, slow rotation, and are used to lift large volumes of water from lower drainage ditches to higher ones.


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