Sunday, 14 August 2011

More travels related stuff.

This being my first visit onto the Red Dirt Mule's turf, it was possible that it might be a bit nerve wracking for all concerned, as this trip involved meeting the mulettes and the parents. I was forewarned that the mulettes might be plotting various pranks in order to throw me off balance. Well, I've never been other than off-balance, so that wasn't too great a threat.
I confess, I'd played similar tricks on her. When she first met some of my friends, and they'd asked how we met, I could hardly, a red-blooded male who's at home with spanners, wrenches, power tools, greasy engines and so on, admit that it all started with us discussing poetry in her blog-comments. So I told them I'd met her through a "Befriend an Inmate" scheme, on the web via a Texas women's prison.
Believe me, some of my friends ARE that gullible. She was unfazed, offered to show them her ankle tracking-bracelet. It's one of the better things I've done, offering to sponsor her early release into the community.
Anyway... the kids, I think, were just curious to see this mystery guy in their mother's life. During week one, they were away with their dad, in california, so I had time to bribe the dogs onto my side. One of them anyway. He rapidly decided that as I wasn't frightened of him, and I fed him too, that I must be okay. The other one? well, she's kinda scared of all men, and growls whilst backing away. Apparently, I'm not so scary if I'm sitting down.
I need not have been troubled at all. She's not lying when she says she has good kids. They're all three of them intelligent, well-mannered, and likeable. I can't think of any moment when I felt any tension.
They all play scrabble. Well of course. and the ten year old is a scrabble shark. don't imagine for a moment that he needs concessions, because he's a master at getting multiple words in each play. Now his concept of dictionary skills might be questionable, but he's a tough guy to play.
Whilst RDG sighs with frustration at the inter-kid battles, what I see is three kids of different ages who all look out for each other. Yes, they'll squabble over the usual stuff, car seats, games etc, but they're solidly together against outside threats. I'd say they're kids any parent could be proud of.
In Georgia, whilst the rest of the house slept off the 14 hour trip, her dad asked if i wanted to come with him on a trip to the dump and the post office. This is man speak for "Get in, I want to find out who you are without the womenfolk interfering."
But hey! A trip to the dump! Cooool!
Yep. I'm a simple creature. A trip to the dump, a wander around a lumber yard, these are all pleasures for me. So I got grilled during a scenic drive around rural Georgia. I must have passed, because I got a beer at the end of it. Both parents plied me with questions, and it seems I'm welcome to return. The sister, who, I had been warned, was doubtful of my intentions, also gave me a pass mark.

That's it. It seems I've passed inspection on several fronts. Failed on only one, a brindled greyhound-cross bitch who thinks I'm the embodiment of scary.

As Arnie would say "I'll be back".


  1. Reading this you'd think Soubry was the James Bond of cool, let's meet the parents AND the kids. Instead, it was ME, poor ol' RDG being grilled from all sides. A summons to my mother's smoking porch to be interrogated. A midnight sit in a dark hallway to be grilled by my daughter. A yank down to the horse barn by my sis to be lectured about the vagaries of love and all its forms. THEN i had to stay up past midnight giving Soubry the lowdown on all that was said...GEESH. It was unanimous: they love him. "He's funny." "I love his accent." "You too are very compatible." "He's good with your kids, I like that." "He obviously loves you." and so forth. Plus he was offered all the beer he could drink in the house and a return visit. Piece of cake, right Soubry ???


  2. good for you both

  3. Geesh indeed. Are you trying to imply I am NOT the James Bond of cool?
    Are you trying to imply that your family's judgement is in any way flawed?
    Your sister was so subtle when she grabbed you and said "Want to help out in the barn?" I'd never have guessed a girly conference was about to happen there. I suspect you have not revealed in full all that was said.
    Ha. Another beer with the menfolk? Good idea.

  4. I'm not implying anything of the sort, you eejit! Just elucidating the facts: you weren't the only one being grilled by the family!! And you passed muster, full rank and stripes and all. Plus you got a beer for your worries? Me? I got panic attacks. Geesh.


  5. Yes, Red heavily involved, but i am not married yet and you know me...just a little fickle from time to time.
    I cant talk about my love affair at Bulletholes. She's a mystery woman, so deep in cover that even the anonymity of the blog is too big a risk.

    Pay to see your sister? Is she a circus act? Haha! If she is as lovely as you I'm sure it would be worth every penny!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. oops! sorry for almost blowing your cover cowboy!! My sister is quite an act but a few clowns short of a circus -ha! You're too sweet. I'll get around to posting a pic eventually, so keep checking.


  8. I nearly blew my own cover! I stoppeed giving my blog to friends, but some still come by now and then.
    I am trying to figure out what to tell all my other girlfrinds, you know, why I have stopped calling. One of them sent me a poem last week, it started out "Oh where oh wher could my stevie, have gone, oh where oh where can he be?" Really pathetic, yes?

    And my new lover? She's a doll and we are perfect for each other, and she is trying to figure out what to tell her husband.
    So thats whats up in Cowboyland.

  9. and i thought my life was complicated, cowboy! i'm happy for you - you're long overdue.



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