Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gourmet Dog Bakery?

I'll have a hot-dog, please, with onions and mustard.
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  1. Baked dogs? Must be a Texas thing. We only eat old beans here.

  2. Please ignore the beaner sinner. It's Sunday and I haven changed out of my preacher persona yet. Just counting the collection from this morning and commenting. Cary on.

  3. Cary? Cary Grant? I meant "carrey" of course.

  4. Boys........geesh! What wired your brains to be so literal?? Any self-respecting bubble town inhabitant knows you buy gourmet treats for your beloved pets at a dog bakery .... palmeras anyone? peanut butter dog biscuits???


  5. A dog-bakery is clearly a place where they bake dogs.
    If this place sold treats for dogs, I'd bet you'd return to the car and find Fido missing.

    And if you returned to the store, you might hear a pitiful whimper, from the kitchen, hot pies coming soon.


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