Sunday, 31 July 2011

Travelling and Blogging- Deep in the Heart of Texas

But not blogging much, too busy.


  1. Does one try a saddle for size, like a pair of jeans? (come to think of it, you need the horse there to!)

  2. I hope you're having a marvelous time.

  3. @gz: I tried all the saddles. None of them was a good fit, they hurt my back.

    Nag: Of course. I have not been jailed or shot at yet.

    That might come tomorrow.

  4. Those saddles must be for export, yanks would require larger ones!

  5. Mr Adullamite: I see you've not been paying attention in the Innertent School of American Studies, or you'd have known that "Yankees" are not permitted in the southern states, and are completely repudiated by the Republic of Texas. So much so that the Mason-Dixon Fence was constructed in order to keep wrong-thinkers and impolite folk out. It is electrified and powered by two nuclear reactors in Virginia.


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