Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ducks are Optimists

Quaaack! This is my duckpond. Mine. All mine. see?
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  1. I'm sure that didn't end well.

  2. Hah! Great photo. That's now one of my all time favorite optimist pictures.

  3. The duck was in the carpark at the Tesco supermarket in Hunstanton, Norfolk.
    Whilst Norfolk has had very little rain so far this year, it's not quite so bad as the duck seems to be claiming.

  4. Greetings from Rod's Duck Farm! Delightful Duck Park - Thanks for thinking ducks. There is a children's story/fable from India about mudpuddles and loyalty.
    The Ganges overflows and fills low spots with water and fish. Birds come to drink water and eat fish. The waterholes gradually dry up. The moral is, "The birds fly away but the fish stay!" Quack, Quack!

  5. Welcome, Duck-farmer!
    Good fable. I've often wondered about fish and floods. How they travel over strange territory, it may be wonderful for a while, but then? What happens when there's no way back to the river?
    I'm all for flying fish. With vtol helicopter ability.

    This duck took the prize for making me smile, that day. Quaaaack!


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